NY Democrat Slams Party for Impeachment Talk: Trump Has ‘One of the Best Records I’ve Ever Seen’

One prominent New York Democrat is bucking his party’s national trend by highlighting what he sees as President Donald Trump’s accomplishments during his first year in the Oval Office.

As Fox News reported, former New York City Council President Andrew Stein complained about what he termed “Trump derangement” among Democrats calling for Trump’s impeachment or resignation.

The Democrats for Trump chairman was on “Fox & Friends” recently to share his opinion on the divisive president and a divided nation.

He put most of the blame for D.C. gridlock on the reluctance of his party to work with the Trump administration.

“They still haven’t been able to accept that Trump was elected president,” he said.

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Stein went on to echo the theories of many Republicans by decrying the “deep state” he said is conspiring against this administration.

“There are Clinton-Obama holdovers in the agencies,” he said. “They’re trying to delegitimize this president and they want to impeach him, make no mistake about it.”

Several Democrat lawmakers, including outspoken California U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, have made unambiguous calls for Trump’s impeachment.

Stein had strong words for Democrats, accusing them of “making a big mistake by just resisting” instead of attempting to find common ground with the president.

Calling such knee-jerk opposition “nonsense,” Stein claimed that “this president has one of the best records” he had ever seen.

He cited the recent tax reform bill signed into law by Trump as evidence of that record, noting that the country has “already seen the corporations announce expansions, new jobs, bonuses.”

Looking ahead to proposals likely to surface in the coming year, Stein expressed his belief that “it would be a big mistake for the Democrats to resist a good infrastructure bill.”

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As for what Trump could be doing better to improve his bipartisan appeal, he had one primary suggestion.

“I think he needs to do some fireside chats, really communicate with the people on a regular basis,” he said, suggesting the “media is so unfair” in reporting on the Trump administration.

Another New York Democrat, Sen. Charles Schumer, has previously expressed a willingness to work with Trump on specific issues, including an infrastructure investment plan.

“If the president wants to sit down with Democrats, of course we want to do it,” he said in June.

As The Hill reported, Schumer challenged Republican legislators to “teach (Trump) that working on a bipartisan way is the only way you can really get things done here.”

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