After Off-Camera Deal With Dem, Flake Buddies Up with Him at 'Global Citizen' Fest


Some would say Sen. Jeff Flake lives up to his name.

One example may be found in the Republican saying saying he would vote “yes” on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. But then he was confronted by protesters on an elevator.

And afterward he called for a delay to the confirmation vote, asking for an additional FBI investigation to take place.

But that call for a delay came after Flake made an off-camera, backroom deal. It began with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaward, and eventually more senators got involved, as Coons revealed to “Cuomo Prime Time” host Chris Cuomo on CNN.

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Reaction to Flake’s “flaky” behavior was mixed. Some thought he was being weak and a traitor who was set up, while others lauded him for “standing up” for women.

Now he is getting strong negative reaction from the right again. This time it’s because of his attendance at the leftist Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park on Saturday — with Coons.

Some in the leftist crowd were unhappy with Flake’s attendance at their annual event. He was greeted with a “smattering of boos,” Fox News reported.

Aside from him not being perhaps as popular with the left as he hoped he would be, Flake’s elevator comment also stands out. He said, “Join me in an elevator any time!” This did not go over well with other Republicans.

He did get some attention from people on the left, too. Although it might not have been the kind that works in his favor, at least not with anyone on the right.

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Time magazine reported on the close relationship, what some might call a “bromance,” between Flake and Coons.

Is Jeff Flake a traitor to Republicans?

“Onstage, the two senators spoke of their ‘deep and genuine friendship’ and the time they each spent in Africa as young men. They touted their mutual commitment to educating women, addressing health crises and promoting peace and prosperity abroad.”

The Daily Caller noted that Coons used the occasion to credit the “compromise that prevailed” in regards to the vote delay and additional FBI investigation to his “personal relationship” with Flake.

Flake is retiring, so he certainly doesn’t need to worry about keeping voters or Republicans happy, unless he plans on remaining in politics and as a Republican.

However, given his willingness to buddy up with liberals like Coons, other ventures might be a better fit for him.

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