Officer Caught on Camera Stopping To Fix Fallen Flag Outside Nebraska Car Repair Shop


Some among us do good deeds quietly, while others engage in loud and visible acts of virtue signaling.

Many people want to do the right thing — or more accurately, they want to be seen doing the right thing.

Others humbly do what is right, not only to honor themselves and those around them but also to honor God or their country.

Good stewards of civility don’t need to be thanked or praised, and they act to protect principles such as honor, duty and respect.

Humble public servants, such as a police officer in Kearney, Nebraska, go on about their businesses — doing the right things — even as they are vilified by a national movement that is increasingly spreading anti-police sentiment.

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A security camera at an auto shop in the town caught the officer pausing to preserve the honor of an American flag that had fallen to the ground after its holder had broken, WOFL-TV reported.

The Kearney Tire & Auto Service security camera caught the moment on video and shared it on Facebook Monday.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our officers on the KPD. We were out of town on Sunday and this kind officer stopped to rescue ol glory and show the respect it deserves when our holder broke. We were called right away with the issue and we were so thankful,” the business wrote.

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“We are blessed by each officer and hold them in the highest regard for all they do to keep us safe. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!!”

The cop on video, who has since been identified by the department as officer Jeff Schwarz, picked the flag up from the sidewalk, folded it up and rested it against the building.

Video of the moment has gone viral online, and it highlights the importance of small acts of good behavior, which are often unseen or ignored, especially from law enforcement officers.

In Matthew 6:1, the Bible tells us: “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.”

That verse is important, now more than ever, as we live in a society that sometimes values the appearance of righteous behavior over the actual attributes of reverence and honor.

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Virtue signaling has become more prevalent than virtue.

While many are hard at work vilifying good cops, seeking to defund, disarm, disband and discredit them, some officers show us what moral fortitude looks like.

And they do it when they think nobody is watching.

That is what character looks like.

In today’s political climate, which specifically targets law enforcement officers as being responsible for the ills of society, cops are blanketed as being cruel representatives of tyranny and injustice.

But those blanket statements and sentiments suppress the good deeds of our brave men and women in uniform.

This is merely one of those deeds, which, thanks to the fine folks at Kearney Tire & Auto Service, we have had the privilege to witness.

There are plenty of examples of those good deeds from law enforcement officers if certain people would simply take a moment to look for them.

Officer Schwarz knelt for a flag. But instead of kneeling to protest the flag, or what it represents, he knelt to pick it up, and to preserve its honor and integrity.

And he probably didn’t expect to find that his actions would be displayed for the entire world to see.

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