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One Week After Grandma-To-Be Found Shot and Killed, Grieving Family Welcomes New Baby


March 3 was a sad day for the Juarez family, who found out that their daughter and mother, 37-year-old Annette Juarez, was found dead. Her SUV had been seen parked on the side of Highway 90 in San Antonio, Texas, since Saturday night.

When police investigated the scene Sunday afternoon, they found that Annette had been shot several times and left for dead.

“It’s kind of like not real,” Estella Juarez, the woman’s mother, told NEWS4. “Today she was actually supposed to go out and feed the homeless.”

Annette was regarded as a charitable Christian woman, who would go out of her way to assist those in need.

“Kind and loving,” her mother confirmed. “Willing to help everybody.”

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The vehicle was parked fairly close to Annette’s home, and her mother says she knows what happened and how her beloved daughter ended up dead on the side of the road. According to Estella, Annette’s ex-boyfriend was unstable, and even though she had a restraining order against him, that didn’t stop him from approaching her house and making more threats.

“But he kept coming around in her life,” Estella said. “She tried to get him away from her life, but he kept coming back.”

“He had threatened to kill himself if she didn’t go with him. So to keep him away from her children, she went with him.”

“His car was here (in front of her house), so in the morning it was gone. Obviously, he came back and got the car.”

The grieving mom made a public plea for the ex-boyfriend to turn himself in, and is waiting for justice. She told NEWS4, “I would just say, ‘Turn yourself in. You know what you did. You know what you did to a good person. And you took her away from her children.'”

Annette’s children are deeply upset by her murder for more than just their own sake. Her son, 20-year-old Andrew, has another reason to be angered by her death.

Annette was just days away from becoming a grandmother to her eldest son’s new baby. She was killed just one week before the birth of his baby girl.

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“I just wanted her to get a chance to meet my daughter,” Andrew told NEWS4.

“I know what my mom would want me to do. She would want me to be strong for my brother, strong for my sister.”

Now the family is left to settle into their new normal. They spent March 9 selling food to raise money and celebrating the newest family member.

“I want to say thank you to all of them,” Annette’s father, Victor, said of the people who showed up to buy a plate of food. “And tell them thanks.”

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