Op-Ed: What Is Your Child's School Hiding from You?


When my husband and I enrolled our oldest in a state university, the registrar’s office informed my son, right in front of me, that I would not be able to log into his account to see his grades or any information unless he gave written approval.

“Really?” I said. “You do know that I am the one paying for his education, correct?”

“Mom, it’s fine,” my son said, recognizing I was not a happy camper. “I’m fine signing the paper for you to have access.”

As we turned to go, the registrar worker said to my son, “You can come back and revoke that permission any time you want.”

I turned around and faced her. “If you want to get paid, he won’t. If I’m paying for his tuition, I will have access to his grades and information on his classes. Are we clear?”

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That same school’s medical facility later informed me in a meeting, “We know all kids drink. It’s to be expected. We just try to help them hide it from their parents.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You know you are talking to a parent, right?” I asked them.

That was eight years ago. It’s so much worse now, and this hiding information from parents has become commonplace and is happening not only at the university level but in kindergarten through high school.

Let me ask you, do you know what your children are being taught during their sex ed instruction?

I was appalled when I received a call from a public school teacher last week regarding what is happening in the state of Oklahoma.

In many schools in this notably conservative state, biology teachers have been told to clear their schedules for two weeks for sex ed instruction. In the past, sex education was done in one afternoon by a Health Department official who would come speak to all the kids in an assembly.

That has changed and lengthened considerably. The up to 10-day instruction will be in the classroom with a Health Department or other sponsoring official, but with the teacher’s participation.

“When my district informed me of this, I told them I had to see the curriculum,” the teacher told me. “My presence in the classroom during the instruction would be seen as my approval of what was being taught. I wasn’t going to do that unless I could review the curriculum.”

“At first they refused. But they finally gave it to me. Then I realized why they were hiding it.

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“It was not what you would expect a sex ed class to include. It was simply transgenderism. In fact, I didn’t find anything about sex except [in] non-heterosexual relationships. They didn’t even talk about hetero sex. There was definitely an agenda,” the teacher continued.

“It was LGBTQ+ indoctrination. It was almost X-rated. It contained a lot of gender dysphoria. It was information on different genders introduced and defined for the kids. The first exercise in the curriculum was to instruct the children to close their eyes and imagine themselves as another gender and how nice that would be.”

Last year, one high school special ed teacher reported that her sex ed curriculum included flashcards with stick figures performing oral and anal sex. While age-wise her students were in high school, their maturity level was much lower. The teacher described them as “delicate and vulnerable.” Yet even that group has been targeted with this agenda-driven instruction.

The curriculum is called Positive Prevention Plus or P3.

The sponsoring organizations listed on the curriculum in the Tulsa area include the Health Department, Department of Human Services, Youth Services of Tulsa and Amplify Tulsa, the latter of which states on its website, “Youth want factual information when making decisions about their future. We work with partner organizations to expand access to sex education in Oklahoma.” However, the “sex education” it is sponsoring is the P3 curriculum, which is transgenderism and gender dysphoria, not the scientific and factual information that it claims is its goal.

Do you know who is sponsoring and teaching your children’s sex ed? Do you know what they are teaching them?

According to one of the school workers in my area, the letter sent to parents letting them know about the sex ed classes is so watered down that it wouldn’t alarm any parent. But it clearly does not inform parents what their children will be taught.

When I looked for an opt-out form for parents on the public school’s website, I couldn’t find one. The teacher whom I talked with, who is being forced to teach the P3 curriculum or lose their job, said they were told if they emailed and warned parents about the curriculum they would be fired.

Because of that, the teachers aren’t warning you — I am. Call your schools now and follow the action steps below.

What can you do?

  1. Ask to see the sex ed curriculum that will be taught to your student. Don’t just take their word for what is in the curriculum. Ask to see it and read it for yourself.
  2. If the curriculum is the P3 program or another variation that instills gender dysphoria and trains on transgenderism, demand that it be removed from your school. Ideally, get other parents to go with you to your next school board meeting. Together demand the curriculum be pulled.
  3. Let them know they are violating your parental and religious rights by teaching this unscientific, emotionally harmful curriculum. Public schools get paid in part by the number of students enrolled. Remind them that you have other options.
  4. Ask for the paper or an online link to opt out of the classes.
  5. Notify other parents and grandparents. Send them the opt-out information.

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