Op-Ed: Dig Into BLM's Past and Associations and You'll Make Some Nasty Discoveries


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Do black lives matter to Black Lives Matter?

This is a fair question, and grammatically correct, if politically incorrect. To understand the question is to arrive at the answer, and here is the key.

“Black Lives Matter” is two completely different things with the same name.

It is both a catchphrase and a corporation. It is both a motto and a Marxist movement. It is a slogan that fits on a yard sign, but it is also the name of a radical domestic network of violence and hatred that almost nobody supports when they understand it.

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To distinguish the two, when talking about the organization it should be relabeled “Black Lives Incorporated.”

The vast majority of black people who have legitimate concerns, and have adopted the rallying cry “Black Lives Matter,” have seen their cause and their battle cry hijacked by a network of Marxist groups whose intention is to turn America into a country where no one is free.

They have the same goals as “Occupy Wall Street” but have adopted a more sympathetic phrase as a name. Any person can prove this true for themselves if they possess an honest curiosity and are willing to spend a few minutes on Google.

Step one is to open Google, type in “Black Lives Matter” and go to the group’s home page. At the top, click “About” and from the drop-down menu “Our Co-Founders.” Google the names of those founders, and it all starts coming together.

Do you think all black lives matter to Black Lives Matter?

Breitbart has reported that Patrisse Cullors describes herself and her co-founder, Alicia Garza, not only as Marxists but as “trained Marxists” who “are super-versed on … ideological theories.”

This is not what people mean when they proclaim “Black Lives Matter” through yard signs and posters hung on churches.

From there the trail leads to the same old suspects. Cullors studied for years under Eric Mann, who was associated with Students for a Democratic Society, convicted domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and the Weather Underground, which the FBI classified as a domestic terrorist organization in 1969.

For his part in the violence, Mann, whom Cullors calls her mentor, served 18 months of a 24-month prison sentence for “direct action,” his euphemism for terrorism. Today these same Marxists are leading “woke” young people to “direct action” that few understand.

The first paragraph in the official Black Lives Incorporated “What We Believe” webpage reveals that its full name is the “Black Lives Matter Global Network.”

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We learn from Influence Watch that the organization has links to communist ideology and supported Fidel Castro. So back to Google we go and find that this organization is sponsored by a 501(c)(3) corporation called “Thousand Currents.”

From that organization’s home page we learn that it stands for “Food Sovereignty,” “Alternative Economies” and “Climate Justice.”

Susan Rosenberg is the vice chair of the board. A quick search of her life uncovers the fact that she led bombings and other terrorist activity in the two years leading up to President Reagan’s re-election. (Déjà vu all over again?) She was arrested and served 16 years in prison before her sentence was shockingly commuted by President Bill Clinton.

So when big corporations contribute money to Black Lives Incorporated, they are funding a network of interrelated Marxist organizations attempting to dismantle the free markets that allow these same corporations to thrive.

History teaches us that appeasement of Marxists internationally doesn’t work, as they will want more and more territory ceded to them as you give ground. It’s a lesson that must be applied to domestic Marxist groups as well.

There is no appeasing leftists; they will always demand more until you have lost all personal sovereignty. And if you are unhappy with their control, you will be assigned to a re-education camp.

If the radical violence of the 1960s is a guide, then today’s Black Lives Incorporated is similar to the continuing effort by Marxists the world over to topple the largest and freest nation in the history of the world.

They are united in their stated goals, which include abolishing the police, abolishing immigration control, abolishing the traditional family and abolishing oil and natural gas. What does any of that have to do with black lives mattering?

They also wish to set up a one-world government (led, of course, by them). So, in truth, most black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Incorporated. They don’t care about black lives, except to use the death of black people to achieve their larger radical political power-grab agenda.

Does it seem likely that this agenda will improve the lives of black people in America?

Did it improve the lives of people in Venezuela? Did it improve the lives of people in Cuba?

Do the people in Hong Kong think the communists will improve their lives? Will the lost jobs, more dangerous streets and diminished freedoms promised by Black Lives Incorporated help black Americans who dream of better lives for themselves and their children and grandchildren?

The answer is obvious: No.

All Americans, black and white, are better served by making certain that all black lives matter.

They are better served by retraining police to use nonviolent interventions while keeping neighborhoods safe. They are better served by regaining and even growing the historically good employment rates that created millions of jobs filled by minorities and drove black unemployment to the lowest point in American history.

Differences in the unemployment rate between black people and white people, and between Hispanics and white people, reached record lows in 2019 under President Trump’s policies. We are all better served by strong borders that protect American workers.

Instead, Black Lives Incorporated is working toward a Marxist coup that has most hurt … wait for it … black Americans.

Innocent black families are being torn apart by violence, their children murdered in the streets, their businesses robbed, looted and burned. Black Lives Incorporated doesn’t care.

In fact, these results are intended to worsen the lives of black people so as to further foment violent revolution. Meanwhile, what about the millions of black people who are happy with their lives and their jobs and their future opportunities? Do they get a say in this Marxist movement?

And what about the thousands of black police officers who love their communities and want to serve them? Aren’t they black Americans, too? Black Lives Incorporated does not care about them at all.

Then there are the peaceful black protesters who have no idea that they are being used by politicians and corporations to haul in big money, of which black communities will see not one dime.

These protests give the impression that every encounter between the police and black Americans ends tragically. Do you know how many total arrests police make every year? About ten million. One American is arrested every three seconds somewhere in the country.

How many of these arrests resulted in the death of an unarmed black American? Fourteen. How many unarmed white Americans were killed? Twenty-five.

While every unnecessary death is to be mourned, the protesters are demanding absolute perfection, something not found in any system involving humans. More police are killed doing their jobs each year than unarmed black and white people combined.

Democrats have been in charge of most of the violent big cities for decades and have let their black citizens down by design.

They advocated for food stamps over job training. They built public housing that turned into ghettos almost overnight. They offer black children the poorest schools that money can buy. They turn a blind eye to gangs and gun violence.

They don’t care about the black lives lost in their cities because their policies indulge violence as speech and riots as protests. And now that the Democrats have lurched to the left, some mayors and governors even support the violence and promote the anarchy we are seeing in many American cities.

Democrats historically protected slavery and supported Jim Crow laws and fought against integration and civil rights. They are the party of the Ku Klux Klan. Now many Democrats are coming out publicly in support of the Marxist, communist and socialist policies that have enslaved more than a hundred other countries for a combined total of over 2,000 years of failed utopia.

The lives of every person of every color in America are immeasurably better here than they would be in any of the countries where Marxism or communism have gained control.

If all black lives matter, we must all, black and white, reject the Marxist anarchists of Black Lives Incorporated who wish to undermine the rule of law and violently overthrow this republic that President Lincoln described as “the last best hope of earth.”

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Howard Kaloogian is an attorney and former California state assemblyman. He is a co-founder of the Tea Party Express and served as chairman of the Recall Gray Davis Committee. Currently, Kaloogian is the National Planned Giving Director at Hillsdale College. He is married to Martha and lives in New Hampshire.