Op-Ed: Eco-Terrorist Youths Are Useful Pawns for Global Elites


There have been quite a few outbursts of “eco-terrorism” recently. In fact, a new movie, “How to Blow Up a Pipeline,” glorifies the concept of destroying pipeline infrastructure to make dramatic statements about climate change.

Young people in particular seem eager to throw themselves into situations where they will be arrested (and usually promptly released). Some are just being paid to do it, sure, but many of them really believe that they are fighting for the planet’s survival.

It’s kind of darkly amusing to watch these kids glue their hands to priceless artwork like they’re trying to imitate the old-school technique of chaining oneself to a tree before bulldozers barge in, but with even less risk of personal injury.

But as with past eco-terrorist acts like spiking trees, blocking streets and threatening to blow up structures endangers human lives. And damaging or destroying property or interrupting sporting events is unjustified and criminal.

Still, as misguided as these youths are, they believe in something.

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A disturbing phrase has popped up in the climate activist community lately. They will say they are trying to secure a “livable planet” for the future. This implies that they believe our continued use of fossil fuels and eating meat will lead to an unlivable planet.

However, most scientists, including those who work on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports (the ones that actually include data and research, not just political summaries), don’t indicate that the planet is at risk of becoming unlivable.

Despite the evidence that no climate crisis is in the offing, the establishment media promotes the extreme position that the survival of the earth is at risk, which the vast majority of kids believe. Sadly, it’s having a terrible impact on their mental health and is no doubt contributing to the activism and terroristic inclinations of the eco-left.

Even some of their media cheerleaders are starting to backpedal a bit on the extreme “climate catastrophe” rhetoric, while still insisting that climate change is a threat — but maybe not so hopeless. It also turns out that the apocalyptic messaging actually makes people less inclined to support initiatives. Indeed, the constant fearmongering makes some tune it out while others become hopeless, anxious and depressed when sweeping changes don’t immediately occur.

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These people are annoying, and possibly dangerous, but they also need help.

To the young men and women who truly believe they are fighting to save humanity and the planet — this is my plea to you from outside the Matrix. You believe what you’re doing is right, but it’s actually in service of an authoritarian elite who care only for more power. You are their useful idiots; swallow the red pill and free yourselves from fear and malign influence.

Your demand that we give up fossil fuels immediately, rid ourselves of cattle, and switch to all-organic farming will lead to the deaths of billions in short order.

Maybe you believe the lie that the earth is overpopulated. But what gives you the right to decide who must die to make the planet livable? Do you think it will be “equitable”? Or will it just be the world’s poor? They will be unable to feed themselves, and the West will only produce what organic farming allows, which is a lot less than what industrial farming produces, so we will not be able to give ample food aid.

Moreover, all of that battery-based infrastructure needs to come from somewhere. Right now, the materials are open-pit-mined using child and slave labor in some of the poorest places on the globe. Those activities will need to rapidly expand, meaning more deforestation and human suffering, to get us to net zero.

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Famine and deaths due to bad weather will climb, and it will be blamed on climate change, even though asinine climate policy is the true culprit.

Throwing another can of soup at a priceless painting or chaining oneself to a historic statue or building does absolutely nothing to feed the poor or change the weather. However, these antics play into the hands of the elite who push policies that reward the wealthy and politically connected while spreading corruption and punishing the poor.

Is this what you really want? Wake up!

The planet is going to be fine. The IPCC’s own data don’t show that extreme weather is getting worse. And food production continues to rise around the globe. Fossil fuel use and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. They have allowed us to use less space for farming and infrastructure so we can preserve more natural spaces.

To the youth of America: Your compassion is being abused to benefit a wealthy, power-hungry elite who don’t have compassion for anyone but themselves.

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Linnea Lueken is a research fellow with the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute.