Op-Ed: Joe Biden, Funeral Home President


Joe Biden likes to wear a mask — whenever a camera is around — and urges others to wear them, too. Except when he’s “celebrating” at the Lincoln Memorial.

But it’s unclear how much mask wearing has done to “stop the spread.” Or lower the body count — which continues to rise.

The one business that’s booming under the Biden administration is the funeral business, no doubt in part because of the virus but also in part because of the disastrous response to it, which is now set to be doubled-down on by the new president.

More masking, and probably also more locking down, which will lead to more deaths accelerated via severe depression caused by government-imposed isolation, especially of seniors in nursing homes denied contact with their families for going on a year now.

People who’ve lost the will to live — a reason to live — tend not to live very long.

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Depression is known to suppress the immune system and it is precisely people with weakened immune systems who are most likely to get sick — and to die — from this or any serious virus.

Especially the elderly. But that’s not how it’s being framed.

The death of astronaut John Glenn’s widow, Annie Glenn, was laid at the feet of the virus; she was 100 years old. The recent death of iconic talk show host Larry King at 87 was also attributed to COVID.

Perhaps because it’s easier to blame a bug that’s not up for election than politicians like Joe Biden and blue-state governors whose policies have depressed hundreds of millions of people.

Should the Biden administration should be doing more to protect American lives?

And killed thousands of them.

As in the case of New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered people infected with the virus be confined in care facilities for the elderly, the people most likely to get and be killed by this virus or any serious virus.

Thousands died — and then-President Donald Trump got the blame. Cuomo got an Emmy for his “masterful” performances. Biden got the presidency.

The elderly and their families still haven’t received a reprieve.

All across the country, seniors in care facilities are still locked down as if in prison when their only crime is being old.

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In states like Virginia, family members aren’t permitted to see their elderly parents and grandparents even if they are dying because the Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, thinks it’s necessary to prevent them from dying from the virus.

When they do die, their families aren’t even allowed to grieve normally.

Hugging is forbidden. Social distancing and mask wearing are enforced.

It is all extremely depressing.

And not just for the elderly and their families.

More people than ever are taking their own lives, including healthy teens and young adults, who are far more likely to kill themselves than to be killed by the virus.

Suicide is now the second-most-common cause of death after accidents for teens and young adults, accounting for approximately 10.6 deaths per 100,000.

And the rate has risen dramatically over the past year, a correlation that isn’t surprising given the fear and hopelessness that’s been instilled in children forced to stay home, not see their friends or do anything that approximates living.

Calls to suicide helplines increased across the country during the height of the lockdowns last summer.

Is it any wonder?

As Rush Limbaugh puts it, the cure can’t be worse than the disease. And yet, it is.

Compare the 10.6 deaths per 100,000 young adults with the 0.08 percent of deaths in the same age group attributed to COVID over the past year, italicized to reflect the fact that 75 percent of the 0.08 percent had pre-existing chronic health problems such as “chronic lung disease, obesity, and neurologic, developmental, and cardiovascular conditions,” as detailed by the New England Journal of Medicine.

All of these deaths are tragic, but to lay them at the feet of the virus exclusively is dishonest.

If Biden really cared about the health of children and young adults, and about the health of Americans generally, he’d do something to give them back their lives.

Something more than demand they wear a mask.

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A.J. Rice is the author of the book "The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture." He serves as CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington, D.C.