Opinion: Democrats Once Again Sic the Deep State on Trump


The Deep State continues its march to undermine President Donald Trump. On Oct. 21, 2019, fourteen Democrat senators urged the Justice Department, FBI, SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission to investigate the Trump administration.

The senators allege “suspicious trading in our futures and equities markets” by White House officials.

Their source for those allegations? The publication where journalistic ethics go to die — Vanity Fair. Unsurprisingly, the presence of any such “suspicious activity” has already been thoroughly debunked — with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where the reported transactions took place, calling the story “patently false.”

Given that the exchanges themselves have called the Deep State’s accusations ridiculous, one would think that they would have to back down and refrain from wrapping the administration in another bogus “nontroversy.” Unfortunately, though, that is not the case.

For example, seemingly in response to campaign contributors complaining about the Trump tariffs increasing the price of aluminum, members of Congress recently introduced the Aluminum Pricing Examination Act. The bill, often called the APEX Act, would establish the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as the singular authority over the reference price of aluminum. If enacted, the law would force producers to adhere to government pricing mandates, reducing their ability to compete internationally.

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In order to gin up support for government intervention, proponents of the APEX Act began claiming to witness “pricing irregularities” within the current, market-determined reference prices for aluminum.

But there is only one problem for the bill’s proponents: just like the recent Vanity Fair smear, the allegation of pricing irregularities is complete fiction. According to the CFTC, the regulatory agency responsible for oversight within the industry, concerns over reference price manipulation are misplaced.

Testifying before Congress, a representative for the CFTC obliterated their narrative by plainly stating, “we monitor [reference prices] very carefully … we have not found manipulation.”

Nevertheless, this revelation hasn’t stopped members of Congress’ push for the APEX Act and carrying water for special interests. They don’t think about the damage their bill — which is blatantly based on misinformation — can cause to the U.S.-based aluminum manufacturers who are already struggling.

They haven’t considered the benefits Trump’s aluminum tariffs have had for working-class families.

Instead, they only think about the political power their agenda can accrue for themselves and their backers.

That exact mentality is what’s behind the left’s strategy of using the Deep State against the president. The fact that the financial exchanges found no evidence of market manipulation or “insider trading” won’t slow the Democrats down.

Even in the presence of overwhelming proof against them, the left will continue pushing for yet another Deep State investigation — another witch hunt. As their current push for the APEX Act clearly demonstrates, Democrats and their allies are committed to narrative above all else.

It doesn’t matter that the facts don’t support their Russia collusion narrative or the ridiculous notion that America is running concentration camps on the southern border.

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That’s because the left doesn’t care about the truth.

Whether they are pushing the Deep State to investigate the Trump administration over a bogus story or spreading misinformation to bolster support for harmful legislation, Democrats just want to destroy the president — and in the process, our great country.

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Sean Noble is the president of American Encore.