Owner Captures Hilarious Dog Running on Hind Legs, Then Yells 'She's a Human'


People are crazy about dogs. Part of why we’re drawn to them is because so much of our recent history is entwined: we’ve become compatible, we work together, and our dogs are often more in tune with us than other people.

We read into their expressions a lot, seeing emotions like guilt, jealously, joy and anger. We see sibling-like rivalry between our dogs.

Anytime they do anything remotely human-like, we’re amused. That’s probably part of the reason for the pet clothing and costume industry: Many of us find dogs wearing clothes to be irresistibly adorable.

There are things they pick up on their own, or with a little help, too, like standing on their back legs to beg for a treat.

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This behavior is patently un-dog-like in the sense that they seldom do this except when they are trying to communicate something to a human.

In most cases, what they’re trying to say is “please give me a treat,” “I want that toy,” or “pet me!” Whatever the reason behind the particular instance, we find it endearing and generally acquiesce.

And because we reward the behavior, they remember and repeat it later on when they want something until it becomes a habit.

One dog-walking owner witnessed this phenomenon in a different setting, though: While out for a walk.

The pup is a little Boston Terrier — but there’s nothing little about a Boston Terrier’s attitude. They think they’re tough stuff, and have high energy that sometimes tips them onto the neurotic side of the scale.

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This one was clearly excited about going out for a walk, and couldn’t be bothered to keep at its owner’s sauntering pace. There’s a whole WORLD out there to see!

The dog trots along on its two back feet, putting its weight into the harness it’s wearing. Since the leash is taut, the dog is able to keep up its “run,” much to the amusement of her walker, who laughed and then blurted out “Why? She’s a human. She’s a human!”

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“(T)he second my dog does this I’m making her a resume,” commented one person. “I don’t care, my dog a working class citizen now.”

“New trick to let dogs into places they’re not allowed,” wrote another. “Just teach pickle and Nugget and make them wear masks. Nobody will ever know….”

There were also those (as there always are) who criticized the owner for letting their dog do this, some even going so far as to accuse the owner of not letting the dog walk properly… but anyone who’s had a high-energy dog knows that sometimes no one is fast enough.

This dog is clearly pulling at the end of the leash, deciding that she wants to pull her owner along. Plus, she’s wearing a harness, which distributes the pressure more easily and prevents her from choking herself. If she didn’t like the pressure, she wouldn’t pull — but clearly this pup has more important places to go and more important things to do.

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