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Owner Catches Clever Dog Escaping Through Tiny Handle Hole in Fence


Dogs are often more clever than we give them credit for. Along with those manipulative puppy eyes and their penchant for sneaking food off a table, some of them are regular Houdinis, as well.

Some dogs seem happy to stay in their yards and on their property and have no interest in escaping.

Other dogs live for the open road and fenceless fields, and will do everything in their power to break free from the chains that bind them.

There’s Buttermilk, for instance. Buttermilk is a beagle who surprised rescue staff with her climbing skills.

While she was being held at the shelter, she showed off her talent, finding toeholds in the wire in front of her kennel and hoisting herself to the top of the four-foot partition.

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She was caught red-handed, though, and you can almost see her trying to figure out how to explain her predicament as she stares into the camera.

As the person recording the video approaches Buttermilk, she launches from her perch and lands on the floor, squishing herself against the door and wagging feverishly in apparent doggy guilt.

People who have owned such wayward hounds know that feeling. Determined dogs will find a way over any fence, shimmying between close panels or finding footholds where there don’t seem to be any.

And it’s not just the hounds. This little pup from Queensland, Australia, is way ahead of his humans.

The fence and gate are both tall, and they’re made of wood panels, impossible for him to climb.

But there’s a nifty little handle cut out of the door, and the dog can just peek through if he hops up.


The dog’s owner was wondering how he kept getting out and did a perimeter check. Nothing was out of the ordinary, and the mystery remained.

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So, his owner decided to run an experiment: what would happen if he pretended to leave the house? Perhaps his pooch would give away the secret.

And he did. After a few hops, the dog manages to catch hold of the cut-out and heave himself up. He gets his head through the hole, and after turning his body this way and that, he is able to wriggle his shoulders through.

Once his shoulders are through, the rest is easy. He pushes off the wall for support, and lands, free, on the cement.

He must have known his owner was watching him because he looks quite pleased with himself. And why shouldn’t he be?

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