Owner Posts Hilarious Photo of Dog in Police Car After Being 'Busted' by Cops for Beating Up Deer


Those who are raising dogs will understand how each pooch has a unique personality. Much like us humans, even our pets have their pet peeves.

Some abhor fireworks or anything remotely resembling a thunderous noise. Others will chase the mailman.

The dog in this story, a rescue mix named Finn, doesn’t like deer. In fact, Finn was recently “arrested” by Canadian police for attacking a deer during a walk.

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Finn’s owner, 21-year-old Emme Thompson, insists her pooch is a sweet boy. We understand, Emme.

All parents are subject to occasional embarrassment when their children — even the furry ones — exhibit less than admirable behavior from time to time.

She agreed that Finn shouldn’t have attacked the deer, but couldn’t help but burst into laughter over the sight of Finn in the back of a cop car.

Finn had been with Thompson’s dad and his girlfriend when they unleashed him during a trail walk.

“I guess he caught the scent of a deer because he took off into the bush, not responding to their calls and whistles,” Thompson said.

Finn was soon picked up by Ontario Provincial Police, who made a phone call home.

Thompson’s father went to retrieve the furry rebel, and snapped the photo of Finn’s innocent little face behind barred windows in the backseat of the police car.  

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“He’s an extremely fast runner and inevitably caught up to the deer where they had a bit of a scrap,” Thompson told Buzzfeed. “He’s much smaller than a deer so it got away and he gave up the chase.”

Thompson’s photo went viral, with people around the globe loving Finn’s story and priceless reaction. Many wrote to share their own stories of pet  “arrests,” laughing over the adventures we encounter when we welcome pets into our lives.

Thompson later reported police “let us off with a warning,” and that Finn was untraumatized from his experience. The police reminded Finn’s family to keep their dog on a leash.

But hey, every dog has to tear after something every now and then. Thompson agrees.

“For some dogs, it’s squirrels or mailmen and for Finn it’s deer!” she exclaimed. “He is such a friendly and gentle dog.”

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