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Owner Rips Small Pup off Ground by Collar, Holds Dog Above Head as Pit Bull Attacks


Walking your dog should be a pleasant experience for both owners and their canines, and most often times, it is.

But for one Chicago woman and her friend, an afternoon walking her small dog quickly took a terrifying turn.

Just as the pair was crossing the street to return home after the walk, home surveillance cameras captured the moment another dog came running at them.

In the video uploaded to YouTube by the woman’s father, both women can be seen stepping off of the sidewalk and into the street. But just out of focus, a large brown Pit Bull mix can be seen speeding into view, heading straight for the small pup.

When the Pit Bull was just feet away from them, the woman holding the little dog’s leash immediately realized what it was after.

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Thinking fast, she pulled her dog up from the street by the collar, holding it out of reach from the attack.

The Pit Bull continued to chase the woman around, lunging at her as she held her dog above her head.

But for a moment, the Pit Bull was able to bite the leg of the small dog while the owner continued to try to fight it off.

With the dog now attacking them in the woman’s driveway, her friend quickly opened the door to a parked car and put the small dog inside.

The woman ran around the back of the car with the Pit Bull chasing her while her friend jumped into the backseat to safety.

Thankfully, the Pit Bull stopped attacking once the small dog was inside the car.

After just a moment, the Pit Bull’s owner arrived with the dog’s collar and leash. While it is unclear exactly what happened, it appears the Pit Bull must have escaped from his leash before the attack.

According to an update posted to the original YouTube video, Chicago Animal control “viewed this video and deemed the attacking dog needs a special investigation due to the unprovoked nature of the attack.”

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Although the small dog sustained serious injuries, the woman and her friend’s quick-thinking spared the pup from further harm.

“I am proud of my baby girl and reassured that her friends are able to think of others in high-pressure situations,” wrote YouTube user GallowayChicago who posted the video.

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