Pence Refuses Security's 'Side Exit' Plan, Confronts Protesters Head on


The confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is much more than a win for the Republicans who beat off the assaults of the Democrat’s attempt to dismantle the constitutional principles of America.

It’s a tidal wave of subliminal messaging to the left that Republicans, conservatives aren’t going to roll over for intimidation tactics or politically correct bombardment anymore.

Perhaps previous career politicians are learning a thing or two from President Donald Trump and his take-no-prisoners, never-back-away from a fight ideology.

It’s what all of us in main street America have been looking for in representation for decades. It’s the fortitude to stand up and fight for what is right.

And if heretofore spineless Republicans don’t want to learn it from Trump, maybe Vice President Mike Pence gave them an example to follow, according to a report from Fox News.

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After the historic tectonic shift of Saturday’s Senate vote that Kavanaugh, Pence made a formidable show of strength against strategies that were previously effective in causing Republicans to cower beneath their desks for fear of losing public support.

He confronted a congregation of anti-Kavanaugh supporters head on.

Fox News reported: “Vice President Mike Pence refused to exit the Capitol building through a side entrance as he faced a horde of protesters shouting ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ following the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday.”

Do you think Pence's actions are a sign of things to come?

While the vice president had other options, he consciously chose to confront protesters that he knew would be agitated and abrasive, instead of avoiding the situation.

“Pence was exiting toward the Senate steps with his security detail when he appeared to pause when a large crowd of demonstrators across the plaza increased their chanting as the doors opened to reveal the vice president,” Fox reported.

“Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Morehand reportedly told Pence that he could exit through the Carriage Entrance if he preferred.”

But no. The vice president was resolute in not being intimidated and manipulated by opposition.

“Let’s do it,” Pence said. And with that the doors opened to a crowd of defiant protestors.

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Fox reported that Pence walked toward his motorcade waving to demonstrators along the way.

If that doesn’t send a message, I don’t know what does.

And in other successful messaging of the day, the vice president issued a statement regarding Kavanaugh’s confirmation that declared the new justince would have the “prayers and esteem of millions of Americans” as he begins his work.

The vice president is correct in that Saturday was a historic day. A justice was confirmed to the Supreme Court after a long and arduous battle.

It’s also historic in that we have hopefully seen a permanent shift in the attitudes of Republicans to never more cower to leftist pressure and intimidation tactics.

Let’s hope that we see more  defiance by Republicans who shun the bully tactics of the left.

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