Peterson Fires Back at Liberal Professor Who Labeled Him and Shapiro 'White Nationalists'


When you can’t win an intelligent argument against someone, call them a woman-hating racist and insult their sexuality.

That tired tactic from the far left playbook was on full display recently after a University of Pennsylvania philosophy professor decided to attack both Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, two of the most well-known intellectuals of the conservative movement.

Peterson rose to prominence recently for his ability to calmly debate leftists using logic, while his book “12 Rules For Life” has become the top bestselling non-fiction book on all of Amazon.

In a now-deleted tweet that seemed to lash out in anger, Professor Wendy Lynne Lee packed as many insults as she could in one message.

“Jordan Peterson: incel misogynist. Committed white nationalist,” she declared in a post that tagged both the soft-spoken Peterson and the conservative group Turning Point USA.

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“Misogynist” and “white nationalist” speak for themselves. “Incel” is a recently invented term that is meant as an insult to Peterson’s manhood.

“An incel, or involuntary celibate, is shorthand for a man who has trouble attracting sexual partners and often checks out of the dating scene,” reported The Daily Caller, which preserved a screenshot of the deleted tweet.

None of the slanderous insults hurled by the university professor toward Peterson make much sense, but this one is particularly puzzling. Jordan Peterson, a respected clinical psychologist, is happily married and has children.

Are you a fan of Jordan Peterson?

Maybe it was textbook psychological projection.

Not content to leave it there, the unhinged leftist then doubled down on smearing Peterson as a racist.

“There’s a whole section devoted to Jordan Peterson,” the professor continued, referencing a list of alleged sources on a site that she herself maintains, “and his decent (sic) into rank bigotry.”

University professors apparently no longer know the difference between “decent” and “descent,” but who needs English when you have vitriol.

It isn’t the first time that Lee has shown her true, slanderous colors. Lee has also labeled “Jewish podcast host Dave Rubin, Jewish conservative figures Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz, and right-wing commentator Ann Coulter as ‘white nationalists sources’ in her bibliography,” reported The Daily Caller.

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Even though she deleted the tweet, Wendy Lynne Lee responded to a request for comment from Daily Caller, and continued her attack on Peterson, with the apparent aid of a ten-cent pocket thesaurus.

“Jordan Peterson is, as Grant Maxwell puts it beautifully, an ‘intellectual misogynist,'” she declared. “Maxwell shows that Peterson’s reading of Carl Jung is a gross misinterpretation for the sake of pandering to an essentialist and patriarchal worldview.”

They clearly do not teach that “brevity is the soul of wit” at U-Penn.

Peterson, a dignified and accomplished author and intellectual, did not need to respond to the clearly bitter professor, but he did anyway.

“It’s clear that (Lee) has decided that it’s entirely acceptable to be careless with her words in relationship to me and my putative beliefs,” he told The Daily Caller. “Academics, whose trade-in-stock is words, should know better,” he scolded.

“She clearly believes (1) that her ill-advised statements are warranted, which they are not, and (2) that such actions, however ill-advised, are acceptable, ethically and factually,” Peterson continued in his trademark logical style.

“It appears that she is taking her lead from articles like the recent New York Times piece that mischaracterized my views on monogamy,” he went on.

“It is not obvious at all where she has acquired the evidence for my existence as a ‘white nationalist source,’ since no such evidence whatsoever exists anywhere,” the bestselling author continued.

“I would counsel those who wish to bring forward such groundless accusations to be duly cautious. Such shots in the dark have a nasty habit of backfiring.”

Take note, Wendy Lynne Lee: That is how you respond both intelligently and incredulously to an uncalled for insult.

Peterson has once again shown that he’s in a class of his own, and he just took Lee to school.

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