Official Petition: Give Alex Jones WH Credentials, Seat Him Next to Acosta


If you love Infowars creator Alex Jones, value free speech, or just hate CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, this little tidbit may make your day. For everyone else, the pure entertainment value alone may be enough to elicit a smile.

In the aftermath of Acosta’s White House press pass being pulled then reinstated, a petition has been started to give the controversial Jones the same access to media briefings.To some, both are “showboats,” so if it is OK for Acosta to be there, there is no reason for Jones to not be there, as well.

For some, their “big egos” competing for answers, attention, and headlines could turn the whole thing into a circus. But, could that also get Acosta evicted, again? Could Jones be the perfect “trigger” to rid the White House of Acosta for once and for all?

The petition was posted the the White House’s official petition website. It was started by someone identified only as “T.S.” on Nov. 17.

It reads simply:

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“Alex Jones’ first amendment rights are being violated everyday he does not have White House press credentials.


Let Alex Jones have press credentials and a permanent seat next to Jim Acosta!”

Officially, 100,000 signatures are required for a response from the White House. By Monday morning, it had already amassed more than 40,000 signatures for the cause.

The petition has already gotten attention on social media and by some media outlets. A separate and less popular petition posted on, asking for the exact same thing.

The Washington Times noted that the petition on the White House website will have 30 days from creation, so approximately three more weeks, to amass the requisite 100,000 signature total. However, that is not a guarantee of a response as there are other petitions that have hit the goal and still not gotten one.

Do you think the White House should give Alex Jones a press pass and permanent seat next to Jim Acosta?

Jones’ Infowars platform gets millions of viewers monthly and even censorship actions against it didn’t kill it. In fact, the opposite happened, so in terms of him being at pressers at all, he has the numbers to justify it.

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And for the “Dear Diary,” Acosta-trolling fans, a field day could be had with all the tweets they could create from what could be a regular litany of complaints from Acosta due to being parked next to Jones. And given how “passionate” and “emotional” Jones can be, would he engage with Acosta, when the latter plays activist rather than journalist during the briefings?

Jones has a loud, booming voice. Could Acosta even ever be heard over him if Jones shouted out questions at the same time?

If Acosta was rude to press secretary Sarah Sanders, would Jones stand up for her and call out Acosta over it? How would Acosta respond to someone, anyone, calling him out on his bad behavior?

The mind reels with possibilities for such a scenario with Jones and Acosta in pressers together. Some speculate it was started as a joke, but the petition could be taken seriously, particularly if it garners enough signatures.

And love them or hate them, Jones and Acosta in briefings together could be something interesting to see.

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