Photo: Man Who Attacked GOP Candidate Appears to Be Clinton Supporter


The left constantly claims to stand for “tolerance” and “non-violence,” but a disturbing incident in California is raising questions about how far divisive rhetoric has gone in today’s political climate.

A man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly went on an anti-Trump tirade before verbally, and then physically, attacking a Republican candidate.

Now, evidence has emerged that strongly suggests the man who was arrested is a Democrat and a Clinton supporter.

“Eyewitnesses told local reporters that the suspect, identified by police as 35-year-old Farzad Fazeli, began berating (Republican Rudy) Peters with obscenities and insults directed primarily at the president and the GOP,” the Western Journal reported Wednesday.

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“At one point in his rant, the suspect allegedly pulled out a switchblade, but it apparently jammed and the blade never came out of its housing,” the report said.

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Peters, a conservative candidate for Congress, recalled that Fazeli became unhinged while yelling that he would kill the Republican.

What triggers somebody to pull a switchblade on a conservative at a campaign event? Facts are still emerging, but it seems increasingly clear that the incident was influenced by politics.

A Facebook page which appears to belong to the alleged attacker shows him proudly wearing a “Clinton Gore 96” T-shirt in one prominent photo. This would seem to confirm that Fazeli was left-leaning and politically minded.

Another Facebook post on Fazeli’s page shows that he attended a leftist gun control “March For Our Lives” event in Oakland, and wanted to “stop the violence directed toward children.” Apparently violence toward politicians with an illegal switchblade is fair game.

Other Fazeli posts seem to suggest that he saw Hurricane Irma, which impacted Florida, as “payback” for the state voting for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Let’s be clear: Wearing an old Bill Clinton shirt or complaining about Trump on Facebook doesn’t make somebody evil or violent. There are still reasonable people on both sides of the political spectrum.

What is true, however, is that there seems to be a rising trend of radical behavior from the left. This is just the latest example.

It’s worth asking ourselves whether recent rhetoric from liberals is encouraging this kind of behavior, if not calling for it outright.

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It wasn’t that long ago, for example, that Democratic mouthpiece Rep. Maxine Waters of California called on liberals to confront Republicans anywhere and everywhere, even if it meant causing scenes at gas stations and other public places.

More recently, liberal actress Carole Cook appeared to cheer for the murder of Trump and wished that somebody like infamous assassin John Wilkes Booth would take him out.

Then there’s the Democratic socialist who just threatened a mass shooting at a Trump rally.

Leftist meltdowns from so-called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” are usually humorous to watch, but incidents like these just aren’t funny. Political anger seems to be boiling over, and we need to be aware of it before the country tears itself to pieces.

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