Pit Bull Found Tied to Fence at Cemetery. Abandoned Without Food or Water


It’s something you don’t expect to see on a sprint to the store or your evening jog. You’re going along, and then you spot a dog up ahead.

Most times — if you’re a fan of dogs — you’ll at least inwardly smile at the presence of a four-legged friend. But when the dog is by itself, you begin to wonder.

When that dog is by itself and is also tied up with something that isn’t even a real leash, you have fewer questions and potentially more anger.

A kind person stumbled across just this sort of situation on a January night in Vallejo, California. The concerned onlooker spotted the pooch tied up next to an old cemetery.

The tether wasn’t even a real leash, and the dog had no collar or identifying information. Someone had tied him there with an extension cord.

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At least if a dog is out wandering around, there’s a chance its owner doesn’t know where it is and is frantically trying to locate their pet.

But a case like this is pretty undeniably abandonment. No one ties a dog somewhere, without food or water, or even enough give on the tether to lie down, unless they no longer care.

Fortunately for this dog — now names Cosmos — a person passed by, took a picture, and posted it online. Why they were unable to pick up the dog themselves was unknown, but perhaps they were afraid of the dog’s appearance or were uncertain around dogs.

No matter the case, they did the right thing by sharing the photo and location. Two good Samaritans saw the post and went over to free the pup.

They brought the abandoned dog home for the night, then took him to the Humane Society of the North Bay.

Some have asked why they didn’t keep the dog themselves, but the humane society said that they already had four rescues of their own and had no more room.

But Cosmos must have tangled himself up in their heartstrings during that brief time, because they have offered to pay his adoption fees for anyone willing to take him in.

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Cosmos has turned out to be a very friendly dog who loves snacks. Despite his cropped ears and pit bull features, he’s a sweetheart waiting for someone to fall in love with him and take him home.

The shelter posted his image along with a brief description and update. “He will need some medical treatment and lots of TLC,” they wrote. “But he is already wiggling his butt and wagging his tail!”

The former homeless dog was kept on stray hold for a few days, but fortunately his old owners never showed up to claim him. Even if they had, they would have had some serious explaining to do.

Cosmos was quickly adopted by a man named Andrew, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

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