Pizza Delivery Driver Sees Kidnapped Woman in Home Mouth 'Help Me,' Calls Police


When you’re not in the mood to cook something for dinner or are too busy to whip something up yourself, pizza can make a delicious, sensible choice.

It will show up at your doorstep without you having to do much more than select a few options and add in an address on your mobile device. Plus, everyone loves pizza.

Even criminals love pizza. Fortunately for one victim, her captor was enticed by the idea and ordered a meal — to be delivered directly to where he was holding his victim hostage.

According to the Sheboygan Press, a woman from Waldo, Wisconsin, was attacked by an ex, Dean Hoffman. In many instances of rape and abuse, the victim knows the perpetrator, and this woman’s case was no different.

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Forcing his way into her house, the 55-year-old roughed her up, secured her and then said he wanted her to get back together with him. A real charmer, certainly.

When the pizza arrived, the woman knew that was her chance. Tied up with a power cord, she was still able to go to the door at the same time as her ex.

She also had a black eye, which would have flagged as suspicious. But to make her situation crystal clear, she mouthed “call the police” and “help me” to the delivery man, who got the message.

The delivery man contacted the authorities and explained what he’d just witnessed, and a short while later Sheriff’s deputies were at the woman’s home.

The woman must have known her rescuers were close, as she reportedly began to shout “please come in” and “help me.”

It could have turned into a nasty hostage situation. How many times have we seen televised accounts of someone held against their will at gun or knife point by their attacker, cops surrounding them and heavily outnumbering the criminal but waiting for the perfect moment?

Thankfully, that scenario did not play out in this situation. For whatever reason, Hoffman let the police in, and he was promptly arrested.

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Along with kidnapping charges, Hoffman faces a litany of other charges, including strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation, false imprisonment and burglary. He made terrible choices, and now he’ll pay the price.

This story is a good reminder that even if you have a mundane job like delivering pizza, you can still be someone’s hero. By staying alert and being aware of your surroundings and the people around you, you may just be able to change someone’s life.

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