Police Find Litter of Tiny Puppies Locked in Hot Trunk


Brace yourselves — summer is coming. And with it, tales of thoughtless owners and parents leaving their charges in cars.

Pretty much everyone who’s had a kid or a dog knows that sometimes it’s just easier to pop into the store for a moment without anyone tagging along.

Most people are aware by now that on a warm day, a car heats up to deadly temperatures quickly — even if the windows are cracked.

Despite the countless PSAs, informational posts, and heartbreaking stories, people continue to make dumb or forgetful decisions and lives continue to be lost.

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Children and pets are both helpless and depend on the adults in their lives to protect and care for them. Betraying this trust is one of the worst things a person can do.

One cop recently prevented a potential tragedy from occurring when he stopped a Ford Fusion. The Oregon State Police later posted about the encounter on Facebook.

“Today at approximately 3:30 pm, Senior Trooper/K9 Handler Travis Peterson stopped a 2008 Ford Fusion on Interstate 5 Northbound at milepost 27, just south of Medford,” read the post.

“During the traffic stop several signs of suspicious activity were detected. A consent search revealed 10 Husky/German Shepard (sic) puppies locked in the trunk with no water and no air-conditioning on a 90 degree day.”

“The puppies were being transported from Fontana, Ca to Seattle, Wa. The owner of the puppies was cited for Animal Neglect.”

“OSP’s K-9 unit is not always about just finding illegal drugs, some days they get to save the lives of puppies. Puppies where (sic) taken to Jackson County Animal Services.”

Ten puppies, all piled into one crate, in the closed trunk of a car on a hot day.

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This wasn’t even a short jaunt to a vet’s or a friend’s house. The driver was taking them from Fontana, California, to Seattle, Washington — that’s over 1,000 miles and 17 hours of driving.

Those puppies could have died. Thanks to Peterson, those pups will have a chance with someone who values their little lives enough to take care of them properly.

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