Police Officer Issues Heartwarming 'Parking Ticket' for Child After Spotting Car on Street


Many people have a precarious relationship with cops.

They believe that cops are generally out there to keep people safe, and yet when there’s a cop behind them for too long while they’re driving they start to get a bit jumpy.

That’s probably more true for people who have experienced getting a speeding or traffic ticket of some sort during their lifetime than those who haven’t.

But that’s not all that policemen and women are about. They’re normal people too, and enjoy positively surprising citizens from time to time.

There have been multiple instances of cops pulling over drivers just to hand them a $100 bill or a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. It’s amusing to watch the straight faces of the drivers melt into surprised smiles when they realize what’s going on.

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In a recent show of kindness and recognition, several members of the Covington Police Department in Louisiana have made an effort to recognize an underage driver.

While out patrolling a neighborhood, they spotted a silver BMW settled nicely against the curb. It was small. Very small.

Nothing was wrong with the way it was parked — in fact, it was an example of a job well done, and the cops of Shift 1 wanted to go the extra mile for the car’s driver-in-training.

Chief Time Lentz posted on the department’s Facebook page, praising the officers and their fine work.

“Last night while patrolling the Groves Development, officers found a young resident had parked his vehicle properly next to the big guys (sic) vehicles,” he wrote.

“So they did what we do best, they went back to the office, typed a note and returned to the vehicle and loaded it up with goodies and a nice little note. Keep up the good work shift 1!!! “

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The note, which had been typed out in color and slipped into a protective plastic cover, addressed the young boy or girl who owned the stylish vehicle.

“You did a great job parking, and we appreciate it!!!” they wrote. “Keep up the good work!!! Your Friends, Shift 1.”

Along with the note were some other kid-friendly gifts, including some toys, reading material, and stickers.

The department later posted a photo of the young drivers enjoying their haul.

Many people who commented on the original photos were just thankful that someone hadn’t stolen the kids’ toy from its spot on the street, but thanks to some thoughtful cops these kids have their car and some new goodies!

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