Police Officers Notice Toddler Has No Diaper, Take Mom to Store To Buy Food & Supplies


Plenty of people who support the police know policemen and women personally. Many of them either have family members or friends who are cops, so they have a generally positive view of the police.

Not everyone is so fortunate. And honestly, how many of us still panic a little when we see a cop pull behind us, even when we haven’t done anything at all?

The truth is that they can be intimidating — authority figures often are — and with all the bad press they’re getting, it can be difficult to know how to act around them.

One woman in Oakland was pretty sure about how she felt about the police: She didn’t like them. To make matters worse, her boyfriend had been arrested, so she didn’t exactly have a happy track record with them.

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One day when she ran out to complete a quick errand, she got into a car accident. Fortunately, she and her young son were fine.

Since she was just planning on a quick errand, she hadn’t packed anything for herself or her son and had no idea how long they’d have to wait for the cops to arrive. Because no injuries were involved, she wasn’t high on the local cops’ list of priorities.

So she and her son waited. Meanwhile, she had no snacks and no extra diapers, which soon became an issue.

When Officer Hernandez finally got to the scene, he saw the mother and son and the state they were in. All he was required to do was finish the accident report, but he wanted to offer more.

He took the two to the store and got diapers, snacks and milk. He went above and beyond in order to assist this young mother and child.

When the mother got a chance, she posted her story to Facebook, detailing the interactions and how kind Hernandez had been to her.

She also mentioned that after taking care of her son’s immediate needs, the officer also talked to her to make sure she was okay not just physically, but mentally.

She revealed in her post that life had been difficult and she’d been going through some really dark times. “But he made sure to give me feedback and advice,” she wrote.

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“THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH,” she added. “The conversation I will never forget.”

She ended her message by admitting that she never thought she’d appreciate the police, but she now knows, as she wrote, that “NOT ALL OAKLAND OFFICERS ARE SAME SOME REALLY DO CARE.”

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