Poll: Biden Approval Just 36 Percent, Battleground States Look Devastating


Joe Biden’s embattled presidency is in freefall, as his poll numbers continue to tank amid the multiple, catastrophic crises roiling the United States on his watch.

The majority of Americans — 55 percent — disapprove of Biden’s performance, while a meager 36 percent approve, according to a Civiqs poll released Monday.

The organization surveyed about 180,000 Americans to track the president’s approval rating since his first day in office, Jan. 20, 2021. From that day through Sunday, Biden’s approval plunged a whopping 19 points amid raging inflation, soaring crime, an ongoing border crisis, foreign policy blunders and skyrocketing gas prices.

The career politician’s dismal favorability rating among independent voters is especially significant since this is the group that both Democrats and Republicans are trying to woo in the critical November midterm elections.

A mere 24 percent of independents approve of Biden‘s job performance, while a staggering 66 percent disapprove, according to Civiqs.

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Notably, Biden’s poll numbers tumbled by double-digits in the battleground states of Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

This is horrendous news for Democrats, who are terrified of the potential down-ballot impact of their party leader’s sinking poll numbers.

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What’s striking about the downward spiral of Biden’s approval ratings is how consistently negative they are among all age groups and education levels.

Young people typically lean left, presumably because of the decades of left-wing proselytization by liberal teachers at all stages of education.

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However, a stunning 55 percent of young Americans (ages 18-34) disapprove of Biden’s performance, according to the latest Civiqs poll.

The results were equally horrendous across all age groups, as a majority of all age cohorts disapprove of how Biden is leading the nation:

  • 53 percent disapprove (ages 35-49)
  • 56 percent disapprove (ages 50-64)
  • 54 percent disapprove (65 and older)

There was similar disapproval by education level. A resounding 55 percent of both college graduates and non-college graduates think Biden is doing a bad job.

This is yet another survey that portends a midterm “red wave” will flip Congress to GOP control in November.

While saber-rattling politicians and the corporate media obsess over Biden’s Ukraine crisis, kitchen-table issues — such as soaring grocery and gas prices — are what concern most Americans on a day-to-day basis.

Despite the White House’s lame attempts to deflect responsibility for the historic inflation under Biden, it’s likely that he and his party will be blamed for the dismal state of the nation come November. We shouldn’t have to live like this.

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