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After Popeyes Runs Out of Sandwiches, Chick-fil-A Director Brings 'Overwhelmed' Employees Breakfast


On August 12, chicken sandwich fans across the United States were about to have their world changed. For better, in some cases, for worse in others.

When Popeyes introduced its new chicken sandwich, prospective fans flocked to their locations, causing traffic jams and long lines in their pursuit of the crispy delicacy that promised to be amazing.

Not everyone was so eager to greet the new arrival, though, since there is already a well-established purveyor of the sandwich: Chick-fil-A — both its die-hard customers and the chain itself — cast a doubtful eye on the most recent contender.

The rivalry was instantaneous, and most of it has been good-natured. Some switched sides, but many repented of their Popeyes attempts and promised to stick by Chick-fil-A’s side from here on out.

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Popeyes wasn’t ready for the amount of traffic headed for it. Many locations quickly sold out of the advertised newcomer and left customers upset. When Jené Walker and a friend headed to Popeyes and saw no line, they were ecstatic — but their mood was instantly killed when they realized that there was no line because there were no sandwiches.

What they did see at the Greensboro, North Carolina, Popeyes location was a Chick-fil-A director. The man, wearing a bright orange shirt emblazoned with the logo of his establishment and cradling a large paper bag, walked over to the competitor’s restaurant.

“I was joking with him, like, ‘What are you doing over here? That’s weird you’re over here with a Chick-fil-A bag at Popeyes.’ Just the timing was weird,” Walker told WTTG.

“YALL … no lie!!! I’m at the Popeyes on Gate City and of course they are OUT of the sandwiches,” Jené Walker posted on Facebook. “How about the MANAGER AT CHICK FILA across the street came over here and brought them some of their chicken sandwiches!!”


The director said it was an act of goodwill after noticing how harried the Popeyes employees were. After chatting with Walker, he offered her and her companion a free meal as well.

“Sooooo the Director said … ‘if y’all meet me across the street, y’all can have chicken sandwiches on me.’ So we met him over there and literally just got a whole meal for FREE!!” she wrote. “ChickFila … I promise to NEVER cheat on you!! You’ve shown loyalty to me … even when I was about to be disloyal to y’all. I love y’all forever.”

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The famed chicken sandwich at Popeyes is out of commission for the foreseeable future, though it promises that it’ll “be right back.”

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-As across the nation continue to remain well-stocked and handle mealtime traffic with a smile and their famous world-class cheer. Popeyes has their work cut out for them!

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