Prankster Hides In Giant Teddy Bear, Freaked Out Grandma's Reaction Is Priceless


Meet the ACE Family, Austin McBroom, his wife Catherine Paiz, and their adorable toddler, Elle. The trio’s first initials form the word ACE, and together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

McBroom is a former college basketball star and his wife is a former fitness model. Now, they are YouTube sensations, sharing videos with their millions of fans who eat up their funny, heartwarming antics.

According to McBroom, no one in his family is shielded from the occasional family prank. This includes Grandma, the beloved subject of McBroom and Paiz’s teddy bear prank.

You may have seen those life-sized teddy bears at your local big-box store and wondered who on earth is buying them and why. The bears are so large that a human can fit inside, even a grown basketball player.

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In the ACE family, their large-sized teddy bear is named Theodore. Theodore has playfully pranked Paiz and even baby Elle, one of McBroom’s go-to methods for pulling off a successful joke.

This time around, it was Grandma versus Theodore in McBroom’s latest shenanigan. McBroom and his wife lured Grandma into their home, asking if she could babysit Elle while they ran a few errands.

Just as Grandma was about to arrive, McBroom called her and said nobody was home, as the family was running a little late.

They invited Grandma to go inside anyway, and asked if she would help tidy up the living room while she waited.

In loving, self-sacrificing Grandma-fashion, Grandma did tidy up the couple’s home. She started cleaning in the kitchen and made her way into the living room with a vacuum and broom.

Right away, Grandma noticed Theodore’s massive presence in the living room, but had no idea her mischevious grandson was hiding inside.

She tried to drag the bear into the bedroom, but couldn’t compete with the bear’s weight and decided to leave him be.

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As Grandma got into the cleaning zone, she wielded her vacuum around the living room floor. She decided to try once more to move Theodore out of the way so she could finish vacuuming, and this time, got a massive scare.

The bear began to move, lunging toward Grandma, who screamed. She grabbed her broom and began whacking the bear over the head, repeatedly, until McBroom rolled out, laughing.

Nobody was seriously injured, though McBroom admitted Grandma got in a few solid (deserved) shots to the head. “That ain’t right,” Grandma scolded her grandson.

Grandma and McBroom ended on a happy note, as Grandma’s always seem to find a way to forgive the antics of their grandchildren.

Laughter keeps this family bonded, and to McBroom, a well-planned prank only means love.

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