Pregnant Kate Middleton Graces Public With One Last Outing Before Giving Birth


Kate Middleton has settled comfortably into her role alongside her husband, Prince William. She’s known for many of her positive traits, but one of the most obvious ones is her effortless style.

Middleton exudes grace wherever she goes and is always decked out in timeless elegance. She doesn’t take a break, either.

Not even when she’s pregnant or caring for her two other munchkins, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Time and again, she has impressed us with her poise and character — not even flinching when she had to bend down to George’s level in heels to have a word with him.

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Child perched on one hip, a dress to remain ladylike in, and treacherous heels, and yet Middleton looks the picture of composure, even if her son seems to be rather unimpressed.

Her most recent outing on March 22, when she and Prince William attended a SportsAid event to show their support.

William dove right in and tried his hand at some of the activities, but Kate stayed carefully out of the way. And she has good reason: she’s due in April!

Despite the imminent birth, Kate looked nothing less than stunning in her ensemble. No dress this time, but still nicely put together.

A bit relaxed from her usual wear, the soon-to-be mom of three sported black skinny jeans, a breezy floral top, and a cream jacket.

But she was also wearing a pair of black high heels. Because why not be heavily pregnant and waltz around on stilletos at the same time?

At the beginning of her pregnancy, Middleton experienced extreme morning sickness, and had to turn down a few appearance because she felt so poorly.

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The royal couple has also decided to have this third child at home.

While the usual benefits such as familiar surroundings and a more natural process may have appealed to them, the ability to avoid crowds of both fans and news-hungry photographers played a part in the decision-making process as well.

Earlier in the pregnancy, rumors flew that William and Kate were expecting twins, but the exhausted dad quickly put that fan theory to rest.

“Twins? I think my mental health would be tested with twins,” Prince William said. “Two is fine, I don’t know how I’m going to cope with three, I’m going to be permanently tired.”

Good luck to this family of four as they welcome the fifth into the world!

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