Pregnant Mother in Tears When She Opens Box to 3 Balloons & Note About 3 Babies in Heaven

Meet Angela and Levall, a Dallas couple that was all too familiar with the heartache of losing a baby.

Angela had a miscarriage with her baby, Jaden, in the late stages of pregnancy.

Angela’s worst fears were realized when it happened again — this time, with her baby Joel, also in the late stages of pregnancy.

As if Angela and Levall’s world hadn’t been broken enough, Angela’s sister also lost a baby, a boy named David. Angela grieved the loss of her nephew alongside her sister, knowing full well the pain she was experiencing.

Grieving the loss of a baby is heartbreakingly exhausting, difficult, and ongoing. A mother’s heart always holds a piece of her children, and that definitely includes the ones that never got to take that first breath.

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Oftentimes, friends and family don’t know how to respond, and understandably so. We worry we might say the wrong thing, we worry we might heap pain on top of pain, so sometimes, we say nothing at all.

Other times, people say well-meaning, but hurtful phrases, such as, “maybe you can have another one someday.”

Having a dozen healthy children after the loss of one is not going to replace the one that was lost. It’s not going to ease the pain, it’s not going to make a mom forget the anguish of having a baby that went immediately from womb to tomb.

When we meet this Dallas couple in the video, we see that Angela is pregnant again. Had she grappled with the fear of miscarriage throughout her pregnancy? Very likely, yes.

And now she sat, beside Levall, waiting to find out the gender of their baby. It was a party, with friends and family surrounding the couple in support, love, and a burning impatience for them to pop the balloon and find out baby’s gender!

Angela’s family handled the day with a beautiful thoughtfulness that left the room in tears. They chose to use the occasion to honor the three babies that were lost, with one white balloon for each child.

As Angela and Levall opened the mystery box, they were expecting either pink or blue balloons. So when the three white balloons floated out, they were confused.

Collecting his emotions, Levall read the attached note:

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“These three balloons represent Jaden, Joel, and nephew David, which we all know are running around in Heaven,” he said. “Even though they seem so far apart, they will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The room quieted as loved ones wiped tears from their eyes. After all this family had been through, it was fitting to acknowledge and honor the little lives that were gone too soon.


Angela and Levall wiped away tears, as they’d done countless times before when remembering their babies.

They took a deep breath and plunged forward into the next chapter of their lives — a quick balloon pop, which revealed they were having a baby girl.

Grief gave way to joy as the couple celebrated this new life with their loved ones.

Thank you to this family for demonstrating such a gracious way to pay tribute to the smallest of lives.

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