Pro-Choice Republicans Fly Off the Handle, Vacate Party After Absurd Statement


Pro-choice Republicans of the Republican Majority for Choice party allege they have no option but to leave the GOP, placing the blame mainly on President Donald Trump.

Republican Majority for Choice leaders Susan Bevan and Susan Cullman co-authored a New York Times op-ed Sunday explaining why pro-choice Republicans must abandon the Republican Party. 

“As pro-choice Republicans, we refuse to support a party that has rightly earned the labels anti-woman and anti-common sense,” they wrote in “Why We Are Leaving The G.O.P.”

They have fought long and hard for the rights of women and their families, and sought common ground when friction arose within the party, the two women wrote.

The Republican Party has forced them to leave by committing unforgivable transgressions time and time again, Cullman and Bevan alleged.

Trump is responsible for the rise in hostility toward women, and the two “don’t have the space to outline President Trump’s transgressions,” they wrote.

The RMC “work(s) with legislators on issues from access to affordable contraception, lessening the incidence of unintended pregnancies, and new approaches to sex education that provide students medically accurate, age-appropriate information,” according to its website.

The group was founded on the idea that conservatives should support abortion “because it reduces poverty, increases educational attainment and workforce competitiveness, improves health and provides people the opportunity to make educated moral choices.”

The authors point to Trump and former presidents like Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, who all supported abortion rights.

(Many Democrats have also changed their position on abortion — such as liberals like Jesse Jackson. Unfortunately, being Democrats, they tend to change toward the side that favors death for unborn children.)

This pro-choice record has been stained by the administration’s willingness to strip women of their reproductive rights, the authors wrote.

“It has become a party that wants to punish pregnant women by limiting their economic choices, that wants to reduce access to sex education programs that prevent unintended pregnancy and disease,” they said about the GOP.

The authors went on to note that more women are identifying as Democratic than they previously did and that Trump and the party’s pro-life views are to blame.

Trump received 52 percent of the vote from white women in the 2016 presidential election.

“This Republican Party is no family of ours,” the authors concluded. “And so we say goodbye.”

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