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'Property Brothers' Have Eye on Next Project Now That 'A Very Brady Renovation' Is Over


Drew and Jonathan Scott are well known for their show “Property Brothers.” Any fans of home design shows are familiar with the dynamic duo, who’ve made a name for themselves on HGTV alongside other popular renovation shows.

They were recently involved in a collaborative effort put on by HGTV, teaming up with the surviving members of “The Brady Bunch” cast and other HGTV stars to turn the inside of the home used for the show into the home so many people would recognize from television.

While plenty of people would recognize the Brady Bunch house in a heartbeat, the brick-and-mortar structure was only used for external shots of the family home. The inside of the house viewers are familiar with was a series of elaborately crafted indoor sets that look nothing like the actual house’s insides.

“Most people didn’t realize, when you saw on ‘The Brady Bunch,’ the exterior, that was just shot for the exterior but the whole set was actually in a studio so nothing matched,” Jonathan Scott told Kelly Clarkson during an interview, according to People. “It was a 2-story set that was supposed to be in a split-level home.”

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In fact, though the show was filmed from 1969 to 1974, many of the cast and crew had never been near the actual house.

“It’s just a picture,” Barry Williams — who played Greg Brady — told CNN. “A picture that ‘The Brady Bunch’ had seen never in person.”

But that all changed when the owner of the house died last year and the house was put up for sale for the tidy sum of $3.5 million.

That price exempted plenty of would-be owners, but it piqued just as many celebrity interests.

“When it was up for sale, it was sparking things and celebrities were bidding on it — we were hearing Miley Cyrus and Lance Bass [were interested buyers],” Williams said.

Despite the interested individuals, it was HGTV that saw the massive opportunity and put down the cash to secure the location and turn it into the real Brady Bunch house in a series it titled “A Very Brady Renovation.”

“One of the reasons I thought that this HGTV deal was going to be big is because when the house first went on the market, long before this show was ever a thing, I got probably 12 texts or emails in the first hour and then 20 more the next day,” Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, said.

“So HGTV bought the actual house instead of developers who were going to flatten it, and we renovated it to be the real space,” Jonathan explained.

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It really was a dream come true for participants and viewers — HGTV was able to fund the work, plenty of HGTV familiar faces got to work on the house, and the Brady Bunch crew even got to step in and get involved.

The results were magical, and the house took on new heart and carefully crafted soul.

“This whole experience has been maybe one of the most magical since [the original series], where it all feels so good,” Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady, said. “I love getting dirty, I love doing things with my hands … so this was heaven!”

“It was amazing,” Drew confirmed. “The emotions in the end when all the Bradys came back through the house, emotions were on high.”

“Something really magical happened here,” Lookinland said. “We’ve been at this for about 10 months. They were positioned at a time in a way to pull this off that I don’t think any other entity could have done.”

But now that that project is all squared away, Jonathan and Drew have mentioned that there’s another, similar project they would love to take on.

“We’re thinking next, ‘Golden Girls’ house,” Jonathan said, according to People.

On the show, the house was described as being at 6151 Richmond Street in Miami — which isn’t really a real place at all. According to House Beautiful, the original external shots used for season one of the show belong to a house in California, at 245 N. Saltair Ave. in Brentwood.

Unlike the Brady Bunch house, this one is not for sale, though Trulia estimates it to be worth around $3 million — another hefty price tag.

Still, many are excited at the thought of The Property Brothers getting their hands on the house that has become so familiar to so many. Only time will tell whether or not Jonathan and Drew will have their wish granted.

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