Disgusting: Punk Bodyslams Teacher for Confiscating Phone During Class


Being a teacher used to just require being book smart. But judging by an ongoing outbreak of students attacking educators,  it seems like being a teacher now also requires being physically strong enough to withstand being assaulted.

A 62-year-old New Jersey physics teacher discovered this for himself three years ago when a student body-slammed him for taking away the kid’s cell phone. The altercation wound up being captured on video because of another student.

“The 23-second video shows the 16-year-old with his arms wrapped around the teacher, knocking him into an empty desk. The student then wrestles the teacher across the front of the classroom before slamming him to the floor,” local station WPIX reported at the time.

Watch that painful encounter below:

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The student was subsequently suspended and had criminal charges filed against him. It’s unclear what happened to the teacher, though from the looks of it he made it through the incident OK.

Though this occurred years ago, the same trend has continued, save for one tiny change: The age of the perpetrators has seemingly declined.

Just last month, a 7-year-old Florida boy attacked his teacher “by repeatedly punching her on the back, in the hallway,” according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police Department incident report cited by ABC News.

Apparently, the boy grew angry after his substitute teacher pulled him aside for playing with his food. The teacher managed to restrain the boy but he “continued to fight her with his fists and legs,” causing the two “to fall to the ground.”

Are you worried about this constant violence by kids?

That same month, another kid at Ripon Middle School in Wisconsin “attacked a teacher with a pair of scissors while in class,” as reported by he Ripon Commonwealth Press.

The student had reportedly been quarreling with another student when the teacher approached them to try and mediate the situation.

“While the teacher was talking to the student about the situation, the student out of frustration moved to cut a book that was on the desk,” a statement from RMS Principal Rick Bunge read. “When the teacher attempted to move the book, the student grabbed the teacher’s sweater and cut it. While the teacher was taking the scissors from the student, the student kicked the teacher.”

Stuff like this never occurred during my days as a teen in the 1990s. These days, however, they seem to occur all the time — or at least most frequently than seems normal for a civilized society.

What’s changed? Culture, I suspect. Recall that it was only two years ago that then-President Barack Obama invited a gangster rapper to the White House to celebrate an initiative to keep black youths out of jail.

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The society of today looks nothing like the society of the 1990s. Whereas it used to be a faux pas to behave like a punk, such behavior has become so commonplace that even Democrat politicians and Hollywood celebrities openly engage in it.

And I’m afraid that unless this underlying culture changes, the disrespectful and sometimes violent behavior of America’s young students won’t either.

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