Pup Found Stuffed in Purse and Left for Dead with Tiny Paws Tied Together


At some point under the cover of dark, someone left a puppy at a charity store in London. They didn’t drop it off in a box or tie its leash to the railing: They secured its front legs and stuck it in a purse, and tied the purse to the handle of the door.

Fortunately for the pup inside, someone walking by during the wee hours of the morning — sometime around 2 a.m. — spotted the suspicious set-up and took a peek inside the purse. The tiny dog was in the purse, with a hair tie wrapped around its legs.

Abandoning an animal is never acceptable, but when an animal is left to fend for itself most people would expect it to be wounded, older, or somehow undesirable. But this case was different.

This puppy is adorable and has sandy eyelashes. He’s estimated to be around 8 weeks old, and some sort of terrier mix. “Radley” quickly became the blond puppy’s name.

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The purse had a piece of lined paper duct-taped to it that stated, “found this puppy.” There was also a can of dog food included. But why would someone just dump him?

Phil Norman with the RSPCA is looking into identifying the person or people responsible for this rather disturbing case, according to Yahoo.

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“Poor little Radley must have been very stressed and frightened being stuffed into that handbag and abandoned in the middle of the night,” he said.

“The hairband would also have caused him some pain and restricted his movement, adding to his distress. There’s absolutely no excuse for leaving a young, vulnerable puppy like this in such awful circumstances and Radley is lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured.”

Caroline Allen, a vet in London, has advised people interested in Radley not to contact them directly.

“We know that many people will be concerned about gorgeous Radley and want to offer him a home but we would ask people not to call the hospital about him,” she said. “Once Radley has received all the necessary treatment he will be rehomed via one of our animal centers.”

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The RSPCA has posted on Twitter asking for anyone who has any information to please step forward so that the situation can be handled by authorities.

Radley suffered from diarrhea and having the circulation in his front legs cut off, but he’s got the best shot at living a normal life thanks to the care of the concerned animal lovers who are now looking after him. The first few weeks of his life may not have been great, but hopefully the years to come will wipe those memories away.

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