Pup Shows Why Him Walking Owner Is Way Better Than Owner Walking Him!


Any dog owner will affirm their pooch knows how to display unconditional love in a myriad of ways.

Words aren’t necessary, a dog can show thoughtful affection in ways that bring us to tears.

If your body is aching, a dog will lick your wounds. If your soul is hurting, a dog will curl up on your lap in comforting silence.

And when your body slows down with age, a dog will match your pace.

Your gait may not be as swift as it once was, but your dog wants to be with you all the same.

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Footage of a darling Dachsund taking his owner for a walk has surged into hearts across the internet.

While we don’t know who the man is or where he and his pooch were walking, we all can relate to their lovely bond.

The man walks at an achingly slow pace. He is hunched over, using a cane to make his way down the street.

His dog is leashed, and joyfully leading the way. As his human slowly places one foot in front of the other, the little Dachsund pauses to let him get ahead.

The pup ever so patiently keeps pace with his human. The walk may not be brisk, but the pair is staying active and enjoying the outdoors nonetheless.

Social media users are swooning over the unconditional love and loyalty displayed between man and dog. “A dog is a mans best friend no matter what age!” wrote one Facebook user.

As reported by The Dodo, owning a dog helps people keep their muscles moving, especially as people age.

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“On average, dog owners over 65 years old were 12 percent more active than those who did not own a dog,” The Dodo stated.

When those darling doggy eyes stare up at you, it’s much more appealing to get outside and get moving. Just as this man proved — you can walk your dog at any age!

Walking is so good for your health and good for the soul. When your best friend is by your side, the adventure is even better.

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