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Puppy Stolen at Knifepoint in Home Invasion Found by the Roadside


David Waters of Pollok, Glasgow, had had his eye on a particular dog breed for some time, and it took a second job and some scrimping to pull off the purchase of his dream puppy — a blue-eyed American Bulldog named Cairo.

Like many pups these days, Cairo had an Instagram page where adoring fans could appreciate his cuteness and follow as he grew up into a large, powerful dog. But Waters’ girlfriend, Caitlin Maley, thinks that the page may have been a mistake, as it may have made them the targets of a robbery.

Cairo, just 9 weeks old, hadn’t even been outside because he hadn’t been fully vaccinated yet, but on Wednesday night he was stolen in what appeared to be a planned heist.

It was almost 10 p.m. and Waters was home with Cairo. The doorbell rang, and Waters — who was waiting for a food delivery — answered to find three men wearing dark tracksuits and balaclavas.

One threw him to the ground, held a blade to his neck and head, and another ran, grabbed the puppy, and then they all left. It was over in moments.

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“I thought he was winding me up but I got home and he was in a total state,” Maley said, according to The Sun. “The first guy grabbed his T-shirt, forced him to the floor and said ‘get on the floor ‘ in a local accent while an axe was held to his head and a machete at his throat.

“One of them ran through to the living room, took Cairo and they all ran off. There are other things they could have taken but they came for him.”

Detective Constable Christopher Sneddon made a request for information, asking anyone who saw something to please contact police.

“Thankfully nobody has been injured as a result of this incident, but the owner has been left evidently shaken,” he said, according to BBC. “We are appealing to anyone who may have noticed three men acting suspicious in the area to come forward.

“If there is anyone who has possible CCTV or dashcam footage that could assist with our enquiries, please get in touch with police. I would also ask if anyone is approached about buying a puppy similar to this to get in contact with police.”

People shared Maley’s posts and photos of Cairo circulated, which may have helped turn the thieves off to selling the puppy. An expensive breed could be resold for a pretty penny, but not if everyone is on the alert and looking out for the stolen pup.

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Waters and Maley offered a reward for the return of Cairo, even setting up an online fundraiser so they could offer a more tempting reward.

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Thankfully, on Friday evening, the puppy was found alive and well on the side of the road in Shettleston, Glasgow.

“We’re just delighted to get Cairo back, it’s been a crazy few days,” Waters said, according to BBC.

Some have accused the couple of creating a scam to fundraise cash to line their own pockets, but Maley denied the accusations.

“We would never lie about this, the police are investigating and will find out who done this we just hope it’s soon,” she said, according to The Scotsman.

“We were just so over the moon we got him back, we have now carefully thought about it and don’t think it’s right to give the money away as that was purely for anyone who had any information or who could get him back to us.

“We are giving a reward from our own money to which was agreed to start so the couple will receive this payment from us.”

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