Raw Footage Shows Firefighter Freeing Dog Trapped in Metal Cage Inches from Flames


If your home caught on fire, what would you grab first on your way out?

Most people would say their family (including pets), followed by family heirlooms or photos, or other precious items that can’t be replaced.

But what happens when you’re not even home when a blaze starts up?

Then you have to rely on firefighters to do the best they can to choke out the flames and save as much as possible.

When a house in Stockton, California, caught on fire recently, firefighters were hard-pressed to extinguish the flames that were totally taking over the house.

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In the video, it’s clear that the house is a loss. Walls of rippling flame blocked firefighters from certain parts of the house as they searched for survivors.

The two-alarm fire was a challenge to contain, and some firefighters broke through an adjoining yard to try to stop the fire from spreading.

The fire was starting to consume a nearby shed, and fortunately the firefighter was able to put it out and keep the fire from eating up the entire yard.

As he did so, he made a startling discovery. There was a dog caged in a wire run, unable to escape, lying in the corner farthest from the flames.

The opposite corner of the run had a wooden dog house that was starting to char. The fireman yelled “Hey, we got a dog out here.”

Then he sprayed down the flames, making sure to adjust the stream of water into a spray as he doused the dog, too, to try to prevent the poor pup from catching as well.

“Hey buddy, it’s alright,” he said. The dog was collapsed in the dirt, smoke billowing past him, as he panted hard.

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Another firefighter arrived to help free the dog. When he bent down to pick up the dog, the terrified pooch snapped at him, but was clearly lethargic and unable to stand on its own.

Smoke inhalation is what takes the lives of most victims in fires, and the dog was clearly struggling. Thanks to the firefighter who noticed the cage and the critter still in it, no lives were lost in this raging fire and the pup survived.

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