Records Show Google, Facebook, Twitter Employees Sending Avalanche of Cash to Dems


Despite denying claims of political bias, employees at the tech giants, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are sending quite a bit of cash to the Democrats: Over $2 million, in fact.

According to Fox News, Federal Election Commission filings show that employees at these companies have shelled out $2.4 million to House and Senate candidates.

Out of that $2.4 million, only $176,000 went to Republican candidates.

Fox News noted that Google employees gave more than the other tech giants, coming in at $1.7 million with only $117,000 of that going to Republican candidates.

At Facebook, employees shelled out $549,000 to Democrats with only $58,000 going to Republicans.

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When it comes to Twitter, Republicans didn’t get any of the $105,000 that was dished out by the tech employees.

This is a drastic increase in donations to the Democrats compared to the last midterms in 2014. Employees of these tech giants gave only $838,000 to congressional candidates.

However, of that $838,000, a total of $259,000 went to Republican candidates. This amount is actually more than what was given during this year’s midterms to Republicans by these tech employees.

During a congressional hearing in April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Silicon Valley was an “extremely left-leaning place.” In addition, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said during an August CNN interview that his staff at the social media giant was “left-leaning.”

Do you think there is a left-wing bias in these big tech companies?

In the Fox News report about the candidate donations, University of Arkansas political science professor Karen Siebold said the huge imbalance in political contributions in the social media universe didn’t surprise her.

“It is interesting to see that employees of the tech world are giving substantially more donations to Democrats than Republicans but not shocking,” Sebold said.

One of the reasons for that is because these big tech companies reside in heavily blue states.

Sebold added that while the midterms aren’t about electing a new president, many see the election as “presidentialized.”

“The votes/donations might be taken as a sign of opposition toward President Trump,” Sebold said.

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The drastic decrease and support for Republicans among the tech giant’s employees could give Trump what Fox News calls “ammunition that the big tech firms have a built-in bias.”

In August, Trump claimed on Twitter that Google search results for “Trump News” were “rigged.” He claimed that all of the news stories that appear when doing a search for his name are “bad.”

He continued saying that “Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out. Illegal? 96% of results on “Trump News” are from National Left-Wing Media, very dangerous.”

In addition, he accused Google of  “suppressing” conservative viewpoints, saying, “Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!”

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Steven is a former writer for The Western Journal and has written hundreds of stories for both Western Journal and Conservative Tribune. He is a follower of Jesus, husband to an amazing wife and father to two beautiful girls.
Steven is a former writer for the Western Journal and has written dozens of stories for both Western Journal and Conservative Tribune. Steven is a native of Louisiana but has transferred to a remote desert land often referred to as Arizona. He has a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters. You can often find him hiking the Arizona landscape or serving on the worship team at his church.
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