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Rep. Crenshaw Savages Leftist Who Doubted His Patriotism with X-Ray of Eye Injury

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A liberal contributor for The New York Times learned a very public and humiliating lesson in the seemingly lost art of fact-checking.

Wajahat Ali, a writer who probably needs a refresher in Journalism 101, slammed Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw in a tweet Monday that accused him of not sponsoring the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

To top it off, he called out Crenshaw’s patriotism, which was Ali’s second embarrassing mistake of that day.

In the since-deleted tweet, Ali wrote, “Anytime a Republican says they are ‘patriots’ ask them if they voted to fund the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. You know who’s for it? Ilhan Omar. You know who hasn’t sponsored it? Dan Crenshaw. @DanCrenshawTX, I hope you do the right thing. If not, why aren’t you?”

The main problem for Ali is that Crenshaw, in fact, was a co-sponsor of the fund.

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Included in Ali’s tweet was a clip from an ABC News Politics segment on Monday that showed the former host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart, expressing his criticism of lawmakers who let the fund for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund get too low.

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra took a screenshot of Ali’s tweet, knowing that it would likely be deleted after Crenshaw set Ali straight on the matter.

Do you think Dan Crenshaw's reply was perfect?

As one could imagine, it didn’t take long for Crenshaw — a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and certified war hero — to respond to Ali’s failed attempt at grabbing social media attention with a tweet slam.

And let me warn you, it was glorious.

The Texas state lawmaker clarified his status with the fund and pointed out Ali’s poor attempt at journalism, writing, “Hey “journalist,” maybe you should check your facts. I am a co-sponsor. Nice try though.”

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For the icing on the cake and to let Ali know how far over the line he stepped in his assumption that Crenshaw lacked patriotism, the veteran posted what appeared to be an X-ray of his skull.

The image showed an eye injury he sustained while serving as a Navy SEAL on deployment in Afghanistan.

Crenshaw captioned the X-ray with, “Also, patriotism.”

According to The Daily Caller, a House bill called “Never Forget The Heroes Act,” which Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney sponsored, would keep funding available in the 9/11 Victims Fund until the year 2090.

Given that so many American men and women saved lives by sacrificing their own on that tragic day — keeping that fund topped off is the least Congress can do to repay them.

And thanks to war heroes such as Crenshaw, liberal journalists such as Ali have the freedom to write and post what they want, even when it’s fake news.

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