Rescuer Hatches Macaw Eggs, Raises Them by Hand and Praises God When They Fly Free


If you have ever seen a macaw, you may have been blown away by their beautiful plumage. However, there is so much more to them than just colorful feathers.

Macaws are the “giants of the parrot world.” The largest among them is the Hyacinth Macaw, which can be as big as three feet tall from head to tail.

To put that into perspective, they are bigger than many cats. Although they may seem foreboding to the untrained pet owner, macaws are regarded as, “magnificent friends [who] contain surprisingly loving hearts and sensitive natures.”

Even so, one could imagine that just one macaw would be more than a handful. So can you imagine raising four, five, or even six macaws at the same time?!

This is the reality of Andy Hoo, a self-proclaimed animal lover from Indonesia.

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Hoo has bred and raised hundreds of animals, including parrots, and documented many of his experiences.

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One of his most impressive videos shows how he raised four Hyacinth Macaws from their hatching to adulthood. The video starts with an egg hatching to reveal a baby bird struggling to break free.

A couple of shots later, it is revealed that the bird could not see or hear at birth. Instead, it gains these senses later on.

Amazingly, the video captures the miraculous moment where the bird is able to recognize his owner.

Even at this point, the little guy barely resembles his adult form, featherless and just inches tall.

It is a remarkable progression throughout the rest of the video, showing every important stage of growing up.

It is heartwarming to see the birds learn to sit, walk, eat, and eventually fly on their own. All the while, Hoo interjects with captions in the video, addressing the birds directly with his wonderful memories.

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As he lets the birds fly free in an open field he communicates a beautiful sentiment: “No words, other than thank God for letting me see my birds flying free.”

The birds continually flew around Hoo, showing off their beautiful colors from up above. They would often return to the man who raised them, then take off again.

We hope that the birds enjoyed their freedom, as I know we do. If you are ever feeling down, imagine yourself soaring like the birds, majestically gliding above a mountaintop.

And even though we can’t really fly like them, this image is exactly what freedom is all about.

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