Rush: Border Kids Are Manufactured Crisis to Distract From IG Report, Strong Economy


One of the many reasons Rush Limbaugh has been on top of the talk-radio business for nearly 30 years is his ability to analyze the messages and methods of the establishment media when it comes to advancing liberal agendas.

The latest example is the media’s focus on the separation of children from parents who have entered the country illegally. As Limbaugh has pointed out on his show this week, what’s happening at the border now isn’t any different than what was happening there a month ago, a year ago or even three years ago.

So why has the so-called “border crisis” been dominating the headlines in the past two weeks? Because, as Limbaugh points out, the media wants it to because it paints President Donald Trump in a negative light.

“It’s just one manufactured crisis after another,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Tuesday of the media’s strategy. “And when I say ‘manufactured crisis,’ I mean they’re literally manufacturing a crisis here out of something that has been going on for years.”

Limbaugh said its no coincidence that coverage of illegal immigrants being separated from their children have surged at about the same time many questions still remain about the Inspector General’s report of the Justice Department and its efforts to thwart Trump’s presidential campaign.

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“I’m resentful of just the formula for this — and that’s exactly what it is. It is a formula,” Limbaugh said. “And one of the reasons that this exists is to take the IG report off the table, to provide mechanisms whereby they don’t have to report on the great and robust economic news or anything else positive regarding the Trump administration.”

Limbaugh noted that it wasn’t long ago when Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, were on TV daily because the media believed they had potential to bring down Trump’s presidency. Now that they’ve lost much of their credibility, the media has moved on to its next topic ripe for saturation.

The radio host also pointed out that the media coverage of the immigrant situation is designed to leave the average American with the impression that everybody with any sense of compassion — which is code for “everybody other than Republicans” — is outraged by what’s happening at the border.

Do you agree with Rush Limbaugh's assessment of the media coverage of family separations?
“I’m getting worn out on having to deal with these people determining the premise every week and determining what is news, because all that happens is everybody ends up on the defensive,” Limbaugh said. “They lost! They’re the losers in the last election. Their voters and their side represents a minority of thinking, and yet they get away with going on offense with this never-ending accusatory journalism against us, Trump, what have you.”

Limbaugh referenced a report from that calculated the total amount of coverage the three major networks have devoted to the stories of children being separated from parents in the past week. Between the evening and morning news programs on ABC, CBS and NBC, coverage rose from a combined six minutes on June 13 to 94 minutes on June 18.

The coverage added up to 319 minutes — or more than five hours — over a seven-day period.

And as Newsbusters points out, the coverage of the separated children is far from neutral.

CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King suggested Monday that “the Statue of Liberty weeps” because of Trump’s “child abuse.” That same day, NBC “Nightly News” anchor Lestor Holt asked a Border Patrol agent if he felt “like the bad guy” for separating families.

And of course, the statistics from Newsbusters don’t even take into the account the hours of coverage by the cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC to the situation.

Limbaugh said more evidence of the media’s agenda is how it prioritizes its coverage of what laws are being broken.

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“I find it fascinating that the left doesn’t care that (FBI Agent Peter) Strzok and (former FBI attorney Lisa) Page broke the law. They don’t find any lawbreaking in the investigation of Trump. They don’t find any lawbreaking here in the immigration problem problematic whatsoever. It’s enforcing the law that is upsetting these people,” he said.

“They are attempting to make people believe that Trump and whoever came up with a policy to separate families. It is the law, and (the Department of Homeland Security’s) job is to enforce it. And if you don’t like that, change it. But Congress doesn’t want to change the law. Most of Congress is in favor of amnesty and some degree of open borders.

Limbaugh has always been able to see through the establishment media’s tactics, and clearly he’s still as good at it as ever.


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Scott Kelnhofer is a writer for The Western Journal and Conservative Tribune. A native of Milwaukee, he currently resides in Phoenix.
Scott Kelnhofer is a writer for The Western Journal and Conservative Tribune. He has more than 20 years of experience in print and broadcast journalism. A native of Milwaukee, he has resided in Phoenix since 2012.
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