Samaritans Rush To Save Pregnant Mother and Age 3 Son Drowning in Pool


Jennifer Potter was making the rounds at the Indianapolis apartment complex where she works as an assistant manager.

She and a colleague were driving around in their golf cart when they passed the pool and saw a distressing sight.

There, in the Brookwood Apartments pool, they saw a young child struggling in the deep end. Potter, a mother herself, knew she had to help.

She ran from the cart, kicked off her shoes, and jumped into the pool. But when she got there, she realized the situation was more complex than she’d guessed.

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The child was being held up: He was able to breathe, but only because a woman was holding him above the water.

She was completely underwater and fully clothed. This was clearly not an intentional move.

“I ended up grabbing both and swimming as fast I could,” Potter said. “I got a little panicky, I’m not going to lie. I swam to the side.”

Once she got to the side, bystanders helped pull the boy and his mother out of the water. That’s when they got the next surprise.

The mother was pregnant. About six months along, she jumped in to save her 3-year-old who’d gotten into the deep end — but she herself did not know how to swim.

The boy was fine, but it took some work to get his mother breathing again. Meanwhile, Potter’s colleague called emergency services.

“We had an adult, potentially pregnant female, jump in to save a kid,” he told them. “And she’s drowning in the pool. They pulled her up, she’s breathing now but she needs to be checked.”

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“I don’t know how I did it,” Potter said. “I just reacted and would hope anyone else would do the same as I did.”

Thanks to her quick thinking and instinctual actions, Potter saved not one but three lives that day.

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