Sarah Sanders Gives Kavanaugh The Highest Praise In Trumpworld


The left may revel in demonizing Trump, but they have a new target this month — Brett Kavanaugh.

As Donald Trump’s nominee to become a new Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh has found himself in the cross-hairs of liberal ire. Democrats are now using him as motivation to re-take Congress in November, and have gone into overdrive to portray him as a radical.

The main complaint against the legal expert, it seems, is that Kavanaugh thinks the Constitution should be respected as written. The horror! With major liberal policies including government-funded abortion on the table, they’ve started pulling out all the stops to discredit the conservative professor.

There’s just one problem: Nobody seems to have much bad to say about the nominee.

That point was brought up in hilarious fashion on Friday, when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders touted Kavanaugh’s popularity while trolling the left at the same time.

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Sanders’ office issued an official press release that cited a New York Times article, which put the conservative nominee in a positive light.

The Times piece pointed out that university students who studied under Kavanaugh at the nation’s most prestigious colleges have had almost universal glowing praise for Trump’s nominee, but it was one student’s tongue-in-cheek comment about the law professor’s style that caught attention.

“‘Best Professor.’ ‘Very Evenhanded.’ ‘Great Hair!’” the newspaper’s headline shared by Sanders’ office declared, quoting actual reviews from Kavanaugh’s law classes.

That last compliment — “Great hair!” — could be seen as particularly high praise by current White House standards. After all, President Trump is a bit famous for his sculpted and unique hairstyle, something that both the Times and CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang couldn’t help commenting on.

Despite the obvious source for humor — hey, was Kavanaugh’s hair one reason Trump picked him? — there’s no getting around the fact that hundreds of our nation’s best and brightest law students are raving fans of the conservative judge.

“Over the last decade, about 350 law students at Harvard, Yale and Georgetown expressed views on classes offered by Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee,” the New York Times reported.

“With rare exceptions, they praised his mastery of legal materials, intellectual rigor, fair-mindedness and accessibility,” the paper continued.

One of the reviews cited by the Times was especially prescient.

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“I honestly believe I took a class that was instructed by a future Supreme Court justice,” one Georgetown University student wrote in their review of Kavanaugh.

The date of that comment? Over ten years ago, in 2007.

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Despite the frequent media portrayal of conservatives as closed-minded, students who studied under Kavanaugh went out of their way to say that he was even-handed and purposely considered different points of views on controversial topics.

“While most of the class shared rather conservative views, the judge presented the other side quite well, even though he likely shared most of those conservative views,” a law student explained, according to the Times.

That same student continued, “many of the [Harvard Law School] professors could learn from his acceptance of views across the political spectrum.”

Dashing hair aside, Kavanaugh has some impressive credentials. Democrats will no doubt do everything possible to besmirch his reputation, but almost all signs point to the professor being a smart choice for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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