Sanders Reads 11-Year-Old’s Offer That Trump Couldn’t Turn Down, Now She’s Headed to White House

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed this week that her boss — President Donald Trump — will take two young girls up on their offer to cook for him and the first lady.

During Tuesday’s news briefing, Sanders read aloud a letter from 11-year-old Natalie Elder Dalton. The young girl and her cousin, 8-year-old Celia — both aspiring cooks — had an “amazing opportunity” they wanted to present to Trump.

Dalton wrote that she and her cousin “have loved to cook since we practically were born.”

“We are more than cousins, we are best friends,” she added. “From the time we were very little, we’ve helped our nona in the kitchen, therefore, we are very good cooks for little girls.”

Dalton quickly got down to business. Reasoning that the president and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, don’t often get to eat home-cooked meals, she offered to cook for the first family.

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“We would love to cook for you and your family at your home,” Dalton wrote. “Or, you are most welcome to come to my house if you’d prefer.”

“It would be such an honor to make you a meal. We don’t think you get many home-cooked meals, since you are always so busy and we read that you only sleep four hours a night,” she added.

The little girl even concluded her letter with a message from her grandfather.

“Our pop-pop says that you’re doing a great job. Thank you for keeping us safe,” she wrote.

At the news briefing, Sanders relayed that she had talked with Trump, and that he and the first lady “would like to take you up on your very kind offer.”

The press secretary explained that the White House has an “amazing kitchen and culinary staff,” adding that the first couple would love for Natalie and Celia “to come over and work alongside them sometime very soon.”

Trump also wanted Natalie to say hi to her grandparents for him, and to tell her mother “congratulations for raising such a brave and talented little girl,” Sanders said.

Aside from taking Natalie up on her offer, the president had a deeper message for the young girl.

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“Most importantly, he said to tell you to always believe in yourself and know that, in America, you can achieve anything through hard work, determination, and perseverance,” Sanders said. “And sometimes, you just need to take a chance and put yourself out there.”

“That’s exactly what you did with your letter, and we’re excited to meet you in person soon.”

Sanders has made it a habit to read letters from children during news briefings.

Last year, one boy nicknamed “Pickle” wrote to the president asking if Trump would be his friend. Another boy, Frank, asked to mow the White House lawn. Trump took Frank up on his offer.

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