Scared Pregnant Woman Has 1 Question after DRs Say Baby Has Down Syndrome


Rubbing her hand over her expectant belly, a mother was worried.

The child she was carrying inside her womb was carrying an extra chromosome — and the mother had so, so many fears about her baby’s future.

World Down Syndrome Day, observed on March 21, exists to raise awareness of and alleviate fears associated with Down syndrome.

The following video, “Dear Future Mom,” was prepared by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in 2014 to ease some of the fears pregnant women may have when carrying a Down syndrome baby.

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The video opens with the honest, raw question of an expectant mother.

“I discovered he has Down syndrome,” the worried mother said of her unborn baby.

“I’m scared,” she confessed. “What kind of life will my child have?”

In response, the voices of 15 children and adults — all living with Down syndrome — reached out to the mother with the same message: don’t be afraid.

The loving, heartfelt response conveyed the myriad of ways a child with Down syndrome can thrive in life.

“Your child will be able to do many things,” one voice affirmed.

“He’ll be able to hug you, he’ll be able to run towards you, he’ll be able to speak and tell you he loves you.”

Education? Yes! Your child will be able to attend school and learn to write, which may come in handy should she become a world traveler someday.

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“He’ll be able to work, and earn his money,” says another voice. “And with that money, he’ll be able to invite you out for dinner.”

As scary as it may sound (to all parents!), your child will one day be able to rent her own apartment. Live independently, cook her own meals.

Of course, the journey will be difficult. But, is the journey of parenthood ever easy?

“People with Down syndrome can live a happy life,” the video concludes. “Together we can make it possible.”

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