Calls for Secession Increasing as Liberal, Conservative Divide Deepens


The ideological divide between conservatives and liberals in the United States has deepened dramatically in recent years, and may be approaching a potentially irreversible flashpoint that will cause long-simmering differences to boil over into violent conflict.

Rather than see this once-united nation ripped apart by violence as one side attempts to exert dominance over the rest while the other attempts to protect political equality and unity at all costs, some voices have begun to suggest that perhaps it is time to entertain the idea of a national divorce.

Writing for The Federalist, conservative Marine Corps veteran Jesse Kelly compared the current state of our union to that of a married couple bitterly arguing within earshot of their frightened children, saying that although marital breakups are often unpleasant, sometimes even longstanding relationships become damaged beyond repair.

“There is a difficult, but ultimately peaceful path that ends with everyone getting most of what they want,” Kelly wrote. “We divide the nation in two. We can and will draw the map and argue over it a million different ways for a million different reasons, but draw it we must. I’ve got my own map, and I suspect the final draft would look similar.”

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Nor is a national divorce or a deeply divided nation breaking apart an unprecedented event, Kelly noted, as history is replete with countless examples of such an occurrence. One need only compare modern maps of Europe with those of only a century or two ago or more to see that countries split and borders shift as divided peoples part ways.

Kelly isn’t the only one suggesting such a split for America. The Hill recently reported on Republican-introduced legislation in South Carolina that would give serious consideration to seceding from the U.S. if the federal government were ever to begin confiscating legally owned firearms in violation of the Second Amendment.

In a separate report from The Hill in February, it was noted that liberal activists in California were attempting to place a ballot initiative up for a vote that would call for the state to secede from the U.S. so that it could become its own progressive-dominated nation apart from “President Trump’s America.”

Those progressive Californians seeking a “Calexit” also used the terminology of a marital split in arguing their case, as the “irreconcilable differences” between California and the rest of America meant “it’s time for a divorce.”

Do you think America's ideological differences have grown so deep that we need a "national divorce"?

Meanwhile, Kelly pointed out that though Republicans certainly aren’t blameless in the current unpleasantness that has gripped the nation, the Democrat Party has seemingly gone out of its way to let conservatives know just how little it thinks of them, particularly in regard to cherished Judeo-Christian ethics and values, as well as the fundamental belief in a constitutionally limited government that serves the people, not one that oppresses and turns citizens into subjects.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just a handful of Democrats who have made their disdain for conservatives crystal clear, either, as that mode of thinking is plainly evident among liberal allies in the mainstream media, Hollywood, public schools and universities, and even parts of corporate America. And they all work to silence those who think differently than they do.

As such, Kelly argues we may be approaching a point where leaders from both sides will need to sit down and hash out an acceptable solution over a map of the country, divvying up states and redrawing borders to better represent the great ideological divide that has emerged. If not, he says, we risk waiting too long to find a relatively peaceful solution and will have to hammer one out the hard, violent and bloody way, which nobody with any sense really wants.

Left unsaid in such talk of a “national divorce” is what would happen to those people from both sides who inevitably find themselves “trapped behind enemy lines” after the suggested split.

Again, few people really want this to happen. A fracturing of the greatest nation on Earth is definitely not a solution to our current squabbles that Conservative Tribune supports or endorses.

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Ideally, we would prefer to see both sides make a concerted effort at a return to civil political debate, a mutual understanding of our unalienable natural rights and a respect for differences of opinion instead of a messy divorce, or worse, a violent and bloody second civil war.

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Ben Marquis is a writer who identifies as a constitutional conservative/libertarian. He has written about current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. His focus is on protecting the First and Second Amendments.
Ben Marquis has written on current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. He reads voraciously and writes about the news of the day from a conservative-libertarian perspective. He is an advocate for a more constitutional government and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, which protects the rest of our natural rights. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the love of his life as well as four dogs and four cats.
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