Second GOP Gov Pulls Noem-Style Veto, Opens Kids Up to 'Irreversible' Damage Until Republican-Dominated Statehouse Intervenes with a Brutal Reminder


Two Republican governors in as many weeks have chosen to veto popular bills aimed to protect their states’ vulnerable citizens from the unhinged Biden administration-backed transgender agenda.

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who has recently been floated as a potential presidential candidate, vetoed a bill to protect sports for girls and women in her state last month. When pressed on the issue by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Noem could offer no lucid explanation of why she wouldn’t sign the bill.

She came off as an ineffectual leader unwilling to take up a fight. Her career, if we’re being honest, is on life support after she appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Likewise, GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas vetoed a bill Monday to ban puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgeries for confused Natural State youngsters. Hutchinson, a self-proclaimed Reagan conservative, was overridden by Republican majorities in both chambers of the state legislature on Tuesday, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

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That bill is now the law of the land in Arkansas, despite Hutchinson’s veto and to the chagrin of the American left.

House Bill 1570 outlaws experimenting on children experiencing gender identity confusion. The majority-GOP Arkansas General Assembly cited “irreversible” damage done to self-described transgender kids when overriding Hutchinson in a devastating blow.

“For the small percentage of children who are gender nonconforming or experience distress at identifying with their biological sex, studies consistently demonstrate that the majority come to identify with their biological sex in adolescence or adulthood, thereby rendering most physiological interventions unnecessary,” state lawmakers wrote in the bill.

“Furthermore, scientific studies show that individuals struggling with distress at identifying with their biological sex often have already experienced psychopathology, which indicates these individuals should be encouraged to seek mental health services to address comorbidities and underlying causes of their distress before undertaking any hormonal or surgical intervention,” the statement added.

Do you think the conservative base will tolerate RINOs going forward?

The assembly concluded that experimenting on confused children who will in most cases find their way could someday deal with “irreversible infertility,” should they be pumped full of hormones, as Hutchinson would have preferred.

A defeated Hutchison, in an interview with Carlson on Fox News Tuesday evening, did himself no favors when he defended his opposition to the popular bill to protect kids. Like Noem, his political future is on thin ice — if not over.

“This … is the first law in the nation that invokes the state between medical decisions, parents who consent to that, and the decision of the patient. And so this goes way too far. And in fact it doesn’t even have a grandfather clause that those young people that are under hormonal treatment, they would have to be cut off from it” Hutchinson said when defending a stance which allows children to become medical experiments.

Carlson eyed the Republican suspiciously, especially when Hutchinson invoked former President Ronald Reagan in his defense for vetoing the bill.

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“Why do you think it’s important for conservatives to make certain that children can block their puberty, be chemically castrated? Why is that a conservative value?” Carlson later asked.

“I go back to William Buckley, I go back to Ronald Reagan, to principles of our party, which believes in a limited role of government,” Hutchinson said in defense of his actions. “Are we as a party abandoning a limited role of government and saying we’re going to invoke the government decision-making over and above physicians, over and above health care, over and above parents?” he added.

Carlson later asked Hutchinson if he’d been influenced by any “corporate interest,” which the governor denied. Carlson admitted he wasn’t sold on Hutchinson’s defense — and it’s easy to understand why. Why would a self-proclaimed conservative governor of faith advocate for using children as guinea pigs?

The Fox News host completely obliterated the Arkansas governor to end the segment.

“If someone ten years ago said you are going to be governor of Arkansas and you are going to veto a bill that would have protected children from chemical castration, what do you think you would have said?” Carlson asked.

Why Republican governors are choosing the interests of gender activists and junk medicine over their own constituents is anyone’s guess. But what an odd hill to die on if you’re a conservative. In Hutchinson’s case, he lost his state’s legislature and was then embarrassed on TV in front of the entire country.

GOP leaders who sell out the values of their voters might reconsider joining Carlson to defend their actions on behalf of the transgender mob. In recent weeks, they’re 0-2 while Carlson continues to expose them for the empty suits they are.

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