Security Cam Catches Neighbor's Dog Stealing Delivery Packages off Doorstep


Palm Coast, Florida, resident Bob Hamlin seems like a patient enough person. But after waiting a week for a package from Amazon to be delivered to his doorstep, Hamlin became concerned.

A quick inquiry to Amazon left Hamlin feeling unsettled. According to the records, a mailman had delivered the package seven days ago, precisely at 3:17 pm.

So where was it? Hamlin took to his security camera to solve the mystery, and discovered footage that held true to Amazon’s information.

At 3:17 pm, a mailman approached his front door and dropped the package.

Hamlin continued watching, and discovered that 90 minutes later, a four-pawed sneaky thief crept onto his porch.

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It was the neighbor’s dog, and boy, was Rover a good thief.

Expertly using his jaws and front legs, this thieving puppy managed to push and drag Hamlin’s box across the lawn and out of view from the cameras.

“I reviewed the security camera footage and caught the thief ‘red-pawed,’ running off with the package a few hours after delivery,” Hamlin said.

Hamlin waited patiently for the dog’s owner to come home from work, and went over to explain the situation.

Together, they went to investigate, and found a treasure trove of boxes, packaging material, and unopened items that Pirate Pooch had swindled.

Thanks to the unsuspecting Hamlin, Pirate Pooch had enjoyed a steady supply of fresh new boxes to chew, items to discover, and messes to make.


“It had been raining everyday for a week, but we found the contents of the Amazon box scattered about, but undamaged in their protective boxes,” Hamlin said.

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“The best find was discovering my recently purchased expensive prescription sunglasses undamaged in their chewed up metal case,” he said. “They had disappeared three weeks earlier.”

As a bit of a bonus, Hamlin also found some items he hadn’t even realized were missing, including a garden hose nozzle and a brush.

Hamlin admitted he wasn’t amused by the dog’s behavior at first.

But once his friends saw the video and found it undeniably humorous, Hamlin lightened up, too.

He and his friends have watched the clip many times, laughing over this sly puppy’s mischievous personality.

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