Security Cam Catches Thief Stealing Dog from Beverly Hills Home, Family Offering $10K


There are far too many stories of dognappings to count, but this one has reached new heights. Stealing a dog from a Beverly Hills home seems an odd thing to do, though.

If someone is planning on stealing, why would they choose a dog in one of the richest areas around?

I wouldn’t expect it to be easy to steal, since it likely doesn’t stay quiet and, you know, has a mind of its own.

But it also seems like a poor decision (not even considering that it’s a crime) because it is probably safe to assume that Beverly Hills has plenty of top-notch, quality security cameras.

Sure, you might be able to wear a hoodie, but it still seems like a strange decision.

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That’s exactly what one thief did, though! Brandon Williams and his wife sell real estate for the Hilton family, and Paris Hilton herself shared a photo of the missing dog flyer on her Instagram to her millions of followers.

Talk about some good publicity for a missing pup!

What Williams said happened was that when his wife got home around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, she took her two children into the house and somewhere between the hustle and bustle of activity, the Pomeranian, named Charlie, got out the door.

That should be an easy fix, right?

But once outside on the driveway, the security footage catches a woman walking up to Charlie, petting her, and walking away before deciding to pick the little pooch up.

She stands there for about 45 seconds, seemingly noticing Charlie’s collar and tags, and then walks off with her.

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Since then, Williams has been posting signs all around the neighborhood in hopes of someone knowing anything about the dognapping or dognapper. He’s even offering a $10,000 reward for her!

“She’s so precious and she’s so sweet. She’ll lick you to death and you know everybody’s her friend and I’m sure whoever has her right now the dog’s licking her to death,” said Williams.

He first saw her at a charity even, and said, “I saw this dog – I had to have it. It was for charity and I’d always wanted a bear-faced Pomeranian. I will not be able to sleep until I find this dog.” The little pup also goes by Chuckie and ChooChoo, and if that doesn’t just melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

Wherever Charlie is, hopefully she’s safe and will be brought back by someone who can send in a tip or the thief herself realizing the error of her ways.

A missing dog is like missing a piece of your heart, and we can only hope little Charlie comes home soon.

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