Small Business Owners Deliver a Big Message to Trump About His Policies


A recent survey reveals something not-so-surprising: small business owners are confident in President Donald Trump’s economic agenda.

According to a poll by Job Creators Network, nearly 64 percent of small business owners say they believe President Trump’s policies have helped their business.

The poll — a countrywide survey of 500 small business owners between Jan. 17 and Jan. 22 — included even more good news for the Trump administration.

Over 57 percent of business owners say the GOP is better at managing the U.S. economy, as opposed to only 14 percent who believe Democrats are better suited for the job.

While Republican politicians have historically been more favorable to small business entrepreneurs — they favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama overwhelmingly — the results of the recent survey are also a clear indication that business leaders are enthusiastic about GOP tax reform and the administration’s rollback of numerous regulations.

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Sixty-eight percent of small business owners have a favorable view of the GOP-led tax cuts, and 57.7 percent of respondents believe the reforms will help their business thrive.

Respondents also believe the media narrative of tax reform has been biased, with over 57 percent of those polled said press coverage of the GOP tax cuts was unfairly critical.

The survey was conducted by Roosevelt Opinion Research and includes a margin-of-error of around four percent.

Job Creators Network President Alfredo Ortiz released a statement regarding the findings of the survey, confirming that the majority of small business owners are in favor of Trump’s policies, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Are President Trump's policies helping small business?

“As revealed in these survey results, small business owners and their employees are solidly behind the policy pursuits of President Trump. The historic tax cuts legislation is already having positive impacts on small businesses and our economy—financial savings are being directed towards employee bonuses, wage bumps, increased capital investment, and business expansion,” said Ortiz.

The president of JCN also addressed respondents’ view of Obamacare, with many of them overwhelmingly concerned over health care’s rising costs.

“And Obamacare—a set of regulations that have caused healthcare costs to skyrocket—continues to be addressed by the Trump Administration, which is working to replace it with a policy that will work for all Americans,” he explained.

“Small businesses are behind the president’s moves to slash burdensome regulations and promote pro-business, pro-growth policies. Let’s help him continue the charge.”

More than 76 percent of small business owners said that they are worried over 2018 health care expenses and nearly 63 percent indicated that Obamacare price tags are preventing them from offering care to employees.

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The results of the survey come after a tsunami of favorable coverage of the GOP tax cuts. Following the the reform’s passage in Congress and its signature by Trump, a ballooning number of major U.S. companies have announced plans of employee pay raises, bonuses or other added investments — all owing to the tax bill.

In fact, Yahoo is tracking the number of American businesses that have declared some form of offering post-tax passage, with the number currently standing at 169 companies and growing.

The overall U.S. economy is currently in a stellar position as unemployment stands at record lows, while the stock market has simultaneously reached record heights.

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