Son Visits Mom's Gravesite at Cemetery, is Able to Still Hear Her Voice


It is almost expected that parents will pass away before their children. Tragically, that is not always the way it works out.

Also tragically, sometimes the parents are young when they pass away and they leave behind young children who are devastated by the loss.

As they get older, these young children sometimes find they have forgotten things about their parent that makes the loss feel even more intense.

When Antonio Vargas Jr. lost his mother Johanna Vargas unexpectedly in July 2016, his father, Antonio Vargas Sr. watched his son grieve and wanted to do something to help ease the pain.

When he realized there was something he could do to help Antonio Jr., he set to work on his plan.

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For Christmas, Antonio Sr. had a special gift ready for his son that would end up not only touching him, but inspiring others. Antonio Sr. posted a video of the gift unveiling on YouTube — you’ll need tissues!

Media outlets were quick to share the touching story. Some created their own own video compilations and photo collages, which they posted to social media platforms like Facebook.

The inspired father had created a toy for his son that contained his mother’s voice.

FOX 35 Orlando reported that Antonio Sr. found voicemail messages from Johanna that he was able to use for his son, and they had called him “Mama’s Lil Monkey,” so it was only fitting that the stuffed animal he chose was a monkey.

The messages were filled with the love of a mother for her son, saying things such as “I just want to speak to Antonio, and tell him that mommy loves him!”

The emotion Antonio Jr. felt when he got to hear his mother’s voice again months after her passing appeared to be shared by all present.

At first Antonio Jr. thought it was a prank, but now he knows otherwise.

The boy now can hear his mother’s loving words to him each night before he goes to sleep and any other time he needs to feel her love for him.

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It is a gift of the heart that not only speaks to the boy of his mother’s love for him, but also of his father’s. It is a gift he can keep and cherish always and if he is lucky, share with his own children one day.

People have been so moved by the story that they have contacted Antonio Sr. with offers to help fund a headstone for Johanna’s gravesite and to help provide funds for a college education for Antonio Jr. The humble dad set up a GoFundMe page for just such purposes.

Antonio Sr. noted on the GoFundMe page that he didn’t expect anyone to do anything for them. He expressed his appreciation for that as well as his condolences to others going through similar tragedies.

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