Space Force: A Bigger Game-Changer Than the Atomic Bomb


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The first use of the atomic bomb in history changed the course of the world. Two flashes in Japan signaled the end of the infantry and armor dominance that shaped the first two world wars.

The limits of nuclear weapons soon became apparent. To deliver a payload successfully, you need planes, pilots, and air superiority. Even with missiles, a solid defense system can render them helpless. But in the 21st Century, warfare has shifted beyond the skies and into space. With all of our infrastructure reliant on defenseless satellites, a hostile nation can easily cause us great harm.

To counter this, President Donald Trump created the Space Force. And Patriot Depot wasted no time in giving America what it wanted: Space Force gear!

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It’s no wonder people are falling in love with the Space Force. Sci-fi movies are full of grizzled space marines and sharp-witted starfighter pilots. This is something many people have been dreaming of since their first encounter with “Star Trek.”

But the Space Force is more than just a cool name. Its existence is necessary if the United States wants to win a war against a major world power in the future.

The reason for this has to do with our other branches.

“Blue force tracking,” a system used by Marines and Army infantry troops to identify and coordinate with friendly “blue” forces, is dependent on the satellite-based Global Positioning System.

A few well-placed missiles during a war could leave our troops in the dark, easy prey for a prepared enemy.

The U.S. Navy and Air Force are also satellite-dependent, with many of their sensors and weapons 100 percent reliant on orbiting satellites to work. Without satellites, our forces would be effectively blind.

Trump’s Space Force was announced to counter this threat. With an active force whose sole mission is to protect our extraterrestrial infrastructure and assets, we are now light years ahead of our rivals. Soon, we’ll be the only country capable of putting up a fight above the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Because of this awesome leap for our country, Patriot Depot has released a Space Force T-shirt to celebrate the dominance of our military in outer space!

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This article was written by Jared Harris.

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