State Trooper Pulls Over Retiree, Realizes It's Cop Who Delivered Him 27 Years Ago


It was June 1 when New Jersey state trooper Michael Patterson stopped a driver for a minor vehicle violation. As Patterson spoke with the driver, Matthew Bailly, the conversation took an unexpected turn, leaving both men in utter disbelief.

It all started when Bailly mentioned that he was a retired police officer from Piscataway. Patterson said that Piscataway was his hometown, which turned out to be the first of many commonalities between the two.

Patterson recalled the name of the street where he grew up. Bailly instantly remembered the street, because early on in his career, he’d delivered a baby inside a house on that same street.

The details of the birth were engrained in Bailly’s mind, delivering a baby on his own, while a doctor talked him through it over the phone.

With ease, he recalled the house number, the date, October 5, 1991, and the name of the baby — Michael.

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Patterson was overcome with emotion as Bailly recalled the scene. Patterson extended his hand and introduced himself to the man who helped usher him in the world.

“My name is Michael Patterson, sir,” the trooper said. “Thank you for delivering me.”

Both men were in shock, exploding with joy over the unlikely encounter. They couldn’t wait to share the story with their families — Patterson was particularly eager to tell his mother, Karen.

Karen Patterson had been out shopping on that October day when she suddenly went into labor, according to New Jersey State Police. She was barely able to make it home, and her husband had to carry her inside to the bedroom.

Nearly 27 years later, Karen Patterson got to reunite with Bailly, the rookie cop who had helped deliver her son. Patterson took his mother to Bailly’s home, where they met his wife and took some heartwarming photos.

Patterson and Bailly agreed the story was too amazing to keep to themselves.

New Jersey State Police shared the encounter on social media, leaving people around the country encouraged and inspired, perhaps singing about what a small world it really is.

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Bailly was initially pulled over because of his tinted windows. Patterson warned the retired officer to correct the problem, and did not give him a ticket.

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